Third-Party Delivery Integration: Streamline Delivery Order Management

December 14, 2023

Are you still manually inputting delivery orders into your POS system?

Are you tired of monitoring multiple tablets for delivery orders, only to still miss or mess up orders?

Are you frustrated because your current delivery integration doesn't support Chinese delivery platforms like Fantuan or Hungry Panda?

If these are your concerns, Chowbus POS's third-party delivery platform integration feature is the solution you need!


Chowbus POS’s integration feature combines nearly 50 delivery platforms, including Ubereats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Fantuan, and Hungry Panda, allowing all delivery orders to directly enter the POS system and kitchen, also managing all delivery menus at one place.

What are the benefits of using the delivery platform integration feature?

Cost Reduction

  • No need to assign staff to manually input orders from various platforms into the POS system, reducing labor costs and avoiding losses caused by manual entry errors in restaurants. 

  • No need to invest in multiple devices to receive orders from different platforms - one Chowbus POS tablet does it all!

Efficiency Enhancement

  • All delivery orders, including those from Chinese platforms like Fantuan and Hungry Panda, go directly into the POS system & kitchen, increasing meal prep efficiency. 

  • Real-time order transmission eliminates missed, wrong, or incorrect orders

Unified Management

  • Manage sales data for delivery orders and a one-stop management of all delivery platform menus and inventory, such as dish images, pricing, and availability.

How to use the delivery integration feature in restaurants?

Using the delivery integration feature is simple. Communicate with the Chowbus team about your delivery dishes, pricing, operating hours, etc., and then start receiving orders on the POS App.

1 Communicate Relevant Matters

  • Which delivery platforms to go live on

  • Menu items and pricing for each platform

  • Average preparation time for dishes

  • Applicable tax rates

  • Restaurant operating hours

  • Desired activation time for the feature

2 POS App Usage Process After Going Live

You can choose to have delivery orders sent directly to the kitchen or require a second confirmation before sending them.

If you opt for delivery orders to be sent directly to the kitchen, no additional action is needed from you.

If you require a second confirmation before sending orders to the kitchen, please see the following operational steps:

  • When a customer places an order on a third-party delivery platform, a notification will pop up on the POS App: "New Online Order"

  • Click on the order to view details

  • After confirming the order information, set the estimated time

  • The delivery order is successfully dispatched to the kitchen for preparation

Chowbus POS's third-party delivery platform integration feature automates the process to the maximum extent, reducing manpower input and increasing meal prep efficiency.

Contact your account manager or sales representative to upgrade your restaurant now!

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