New Feature: Cross-Store Membership

September 15, 2023

Do you aspire to have a universal membership system like Starbucks or McDonald's, but unfortunately, the POS systems available in the market are limited to single-store memberships, and there is no sign of restaurant-wide membership plans?

Chowbus POS loyalty capabilities have been completely upgraded! It now supports cross-store membership usage and has been operating smoothly for several months, with many outstanding cases emerging.


In a single-store membership model, top-up amounts, gift cards, points, and membership benefits are only valid in one store, hindering the branding efforts of chain restaurants or restaurant groups. With cross-store membership capabilities, all of these benefits can be used at any store within the group. Customers will be more willing to register as members, increasing their purchase intent, while restaurants can also increase brand influence and establish brand image.

What are the benefits of using Cross-Store Membership?

Efficiently converting new customers into returning customers:

  • Chowbus POS integrates the membership system into all products, such as tablet ordering, QR code ordering, self-service kiosks, and restaurant web ordering. This effectively increases the number of members.

  • Setting exclusive benefits for new members enhances the conversion rate of customers into members. 

  • After new customers register as members, sending promotional activity information can convert them into loyal returning customers.

Significantly boosting customer repurchase rates:

  • By setting the consumption cashback ratio, the repurchase rate of members can be significantly increased.

  • Sending customized promotional messages enhances the order conversion rate, such as "Your favorite XX product is now buy one get one free, and you'll also earn double points."

  • Once customers add the membership card to Apple Wallet, the restaurant can instantly remind nearby members to visit and dine.

Effectively Build Brand Influence:

  • Customers registering or recharging to become members reflects their recognition of your brand.

  • Members can enjoy membership benefits when dining at any of the group's restaurants, creating a sense of belonging to the brand.

  • When the group opens a new restaurant, due to the trust in your brand, members will actively explore it. They not only enjoy membership benefits, but you also achieve the promotional effect of "old stores bringing in new ones.”

How do chain hotpot restaurants increase customer repurchase rate through cross-store membership?

Er Hotpot and San Hotpot are chain hotpot restaurant brands in New York. After testing the Chowbus POS membership system in August, they aggressively promoted membership services and have accumulated a large number of members. Through member recharge and gift card methods, they have secured business revenue in advance.

Membership enrollment method: Top-up enrollment

Member benefits:

  • Top-up cashback

  • First-order discount

  • Member-special dishes

  • Gift cards

Before using cross-store membership, the member information, benefits, and gift cards of the two hotpot restaurants were not interconnected. Members registered at Er Hotpot couldn't enjoy member benefits at San Hotpot or use the recharge balance at Er Hotpot.

After upgrading to cross-store membership, members registered and recharged at Er Hotpot can use their recharge balance at San Hotpot and enjoy member benefits like free dishes. Purchased gift cards can also be used interchangeably between Er Hotpot and San Hotpot. This significantly increases the appeal of registering as a member and purchasing gift cards. The restaurant owner can also utilize the membership system for a series of promotions and activities, such as member benefits and SMS reminders for members to return and dine.

In the future, Er Hotpot restaurant group will continue to use the Chowbus POS membership system, designing a series of marketing activities for scenarios like "off-season is not slow" and "old stores bring in new stores," further enhancing restaurant repurchase rates and revenue.

How to leverage cross-store membership?

For chain restaurants, you can choose the applicable restaurant scope for each membership card.

To leverage cross-store membership for generating more revenue, you can consider the following approaches:

  • Using the same membership card for chain restaurants: Similar to Target supermarkets, different Target locations can use the same membership card for points, enjoying member prices, and other benefits.

  • Different brand restaurants under a restaurant group using the same membership card: For instance, in Kroger supermarket group, different cities have different brands like Kroger, Mariano's, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, all using the same membership card for unified points accumulation.

  • Different brand restaurants under a restaurant group having their own membership cards: Similar to Walmart supermarket group, the Walmart and Sam's brands do not share memberships. Each has its own membership strategy; Walmart offers free membership, while Sam's offers paid membership.

You can design a membership system together with our account manager based on the requirements of different scenarios.

Something you should know before using it

For chain restaurants/restaurant groups looking to use cross-store membership, please note the following:

  • If single-store membership exists before:

The restaurant needs to discuss with the account manager whether to retain the single-store membership or upgrade it to cross-store membership. Existing single-store membership data will be handled accordingly.

  • If single-store membership doesn't exist before:

Members registered in various subsidiary restaurants will automatically be cross-store members, eligible for member benefits at multiple locations.

In summary, Chowbus POS offers versatile capabilities for cross-store membership, enhancing your brand while improving customer relationships and sales. We look forward to exploring more innovative approaches together!

To learn more about POS systems and what might be the right fit for you, book a POS demo/consultation with Chowbus! We're the #1 POS tech system for US-based restaurants!

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