New Feature: Google Maps Reservation

September 29, 2023

Are you still manually managing customer reservation and table booking information? Looking to optimize table management and serve more customers but not sure how to go about it?

Chowbus has upgraded its reservation feature and added a Google Maps reservation integration. 

Chowbus' reservation capabilities now cover Google Maps, restaurant websites, and POS apps. This not only makes it convenient for customers to make reservations but also streamlines the management of table booking information across multiple channels for restaurants.

What does the reservation capability include?

Chowbus' reservation feature includes the following settings:

  • Table type

  • Number of seats available for reservation

  • Reservation period (in days)

  • Reservation time slots (in minutes)

  • Advance booking time range

  • Reminder to confirm the reservation with customers

How should customers make a reservation?

Let's take a look at the customer experience using Google Maps reservation as an example:

If a restaurant has enabled the Google Maps reservation feature, customers searching for the restaurant on Google Maps will see a "Reserve a table" option.


Customers fill in reservation details: the number of people, date, and time slot. After a successful reservation, they receive a confirmation email.


Modifying reservation details: Customers can click "modify" on the reservation page to view available time slots and modify their reservation time.


Customers can modify reservation details themselves, eliminating the need to call the restaurant for changes. This also saves the restaurant time and resources.

How should restaurants configure it?

The process for customers is straightforward, and the setup and management on the business side are also simple and direct.

Once the "Google Online Reservation" feature is enabled, the reservation entry can be seen on Google Maps.


Step 1: Limit the number of online reservations.

You can set the range of the number of people allowed to book online, for example, 1-20 people. This range only applies to online reservations (Google Maps and the official website) and does not affect reservations made by POS app staff on behalf of customers.

Step 2: Choose the interval for available times.

You can manage reservation inventory by setting reasonable time intervals and the number of tables available based on your restaurant's situation.

Step 3: Set supported table types.

Depending on your restaurant's situation, set the types of tables that support reservations and the corresponding number of diners.

Step 4: Set available reservation times.

Based on your restaurant's operating hours, set the available dates, times, and quantity.


Step 5: Set the range for advance reservations.

To better manage your table inventory, you can set the range for advance reservations, i.e., the earliest days for booking and the latest time before dining when online reservations are not allowed.

Step 6: Remind customers to confirm their arrival.

Restaurants can set up automatic reminders to prompt reservation customers to arrive at the restaurant. Customers can click on the link in the SMS to view reservation details and confirm their arrival.

Please note that any changes to the reservation settings will take effect after 7 AM the following day.

Chowbus provides comprehensive reservation capabilities for restaurants to choose from. If you need to upgrade your reservation capabilities, including the use of the Google Maps reservation feature, please contact your account manager for system upgrades.

In summary, the reservation feature not only helps restaurants manage tables more effectively and secure dining customers in advance but also enhances the dining experience for customers, reducing their wait times at the restaurant.

Chowbus will continue to upgrade its POS products and services, ensuring efficient restaurant operations.

To learn more about POS systems and what might be the right fit for you, book a POS demo/consultation with Chowbus! We're the #1 POS tech system for US-based restaurants!

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