New Feature: Menu Management Upgrade

September 26, 2023

Are you struggling with setting up complex menus? Are you still forced to choose inefficient ordering methods due to menu limitations?

Chowbus POS has upgraded its menu management functionality! It now allows for three-level menu item configurations, catering to various complex menu setup requirements.

Examples of leveraging the capabilities

Feeling a bit confused? No worries! Let's illustrate this with some examples.

If you own a burger restaurant, you can allow customers to choose between ordering individual items or selecting a combo meal. Additionally, you can enable customers to customize the content of their combo meal. For example, a combo meal might include a burger, a side dish, and a drink. Customers can make selections within each category according to their preferences. Your restaurant can also apply additional charges to specific options. For instance, if a customer chooses sweet potato fries as their side dish, there could be an extra $1 charge.


Now, let's say you own a seafood restaurant where customers can create their own seafood platter. After choosing the seafood items they desire, they can further select flavor profiles and spiciness levels. Additional charges can be applied for pricier items, like lobster.

For example, "Lobster" as an option under the "Make your own combo" can be further customized with two sub-options: "Flavor" and "Spicy level."


With these two scenarios, do you have a better understanding of this menu management upgrade?

In summary, this upgrade empowers restaurants to customize complex menus. You can link multiple sub-options to menu items and set additional prices for each sub-option.

POS App Operating Example

Next, let's take a look at how the above example is displayed on the POS App.

Select "Make Your Own Combo," and you can choose which specific seafood items you'd like to include in this dish.


For each seafood item, you can choose specific seasonings and spiciness levels.


As shown in the left menu item summary, lobster comes at an additional cost of $20 on top of the combo price, and the "Hot" flavor incurs an extra $2 charge.

In conclusion, this menu management upgrade is designed to meet your needs for setting up three-tiered complex menus. If you require complex menu configurations, feel free to reach out to our customer managers for discussion and design.

Chowbus will continue to upgrade its POS products and services to ensure efficient restaurant operations!

To learn more about POS systems and what might be the right fit for you, book a POS demo/consultation with Chowbus! We're the #1 POS tech system for US-based restaurants!

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