How can restaurant owners quickly increase repeat business?

November 14, 2023

Imagine accumulating a large number of loyal customers like McDonald's without advertising?

Want to give your customers more reasons to dine with you?

Want to call customers to eat anytime, anywhere?

Don't worry, slide down to fulfill all your wishes! Chowbus membership can meet all your imaginations about customer relationships.

Chowbus membership capability covers the entire customer dining journey


Restaurants can increase interaction frequency and turnover with Chowbus membership


Chowbus membership is fully integrated with the POS system.

Whether customers use smart ordering machines, tablets, or QR code ordering, they can register as members and enjoy membership benefits with one click.


How to utilize membership capabilities under different scenarios?

We will show the charm of each membership ability in different scenarios.

How to win customers' attentions?

  • First-order discount

Register as a member, enjoy discounts on this order


  • Member price

Enjoy lower prices than ordinary people


  • Consumption cashback

Reward every consumption of members


  • Member points

Win points in various ways, more flexible interactions with customers


How to cultivate relationship with customers?

CRM will be your first choice, we support both automatic SMS reminders for different scenarios and manual SMS settings for single events!

  • I record every consumption of yours with a message: register as a member, accumulate points, exchange points


  • On every special holiday, I will send a message to invite you to spend a wonderful time together: members' birthday, restaurant's anniversary


  • Send a message to tell you to come to the store and get a free dish: reactivate lost members


How to maintain relationship with customers?

Lock revenue in advance through top-up membership, prepaid card, and gift card.


Contact our account manager to design the most suitable membership plan for you!

If you are a new customer, just book a demo to get exclusive service.

To learn more about POS systems and what might be the right fit for you, book a POS demo/consultation with Chowbus! We're the #1 POS tech system for US-based restaurants!

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