How does Chowbus POS help Er Hot Pot Save 50% Labor Costs

October 3, 2023

Er Hot Pot, a well-loved hotpot restaurant, currently operates two branches in New York, Er Hot Pot, and Three Hot Pot. The Er Hot Pot Group has effectively reduced costs and increased sales by utilizing Chowbus POS.


Er Hot Pot adopted Chowbus Tablet Ordering and Kiosk, which resulted in a 50% reduction in labor costs. This not only addressed their staffing challenges but also significantly lowered labor expenses. Moreover, with POS Handheld and Third-Party Delivery Integrations, they streamlined operational efficiency, simplified the checkout process, and improved order processing for deliveries. In addition, using Cross-Store Memberships and CRM messages increased repeat business from their loyal customers.

How has Chowbus POS helped Er Hot Pot reduce labor costs, increase operational efficiency, and boost revenue?

Reducing Labor Costs

Chowbus POS provides solutions for in-house dining, takeout, and delivery orders.

For in-house dining, customers can directly place orders using the tablet on their table, eliminating the need to wait for a server. Each dish is accompanied by clear images, making it more user-friendly.


Restaurants can update their menus and prices at any time, eliminating the need for frequent paper menu changes.

For takeout customers, they can place orders directly at the kiosk, reducing the need for staff assistance. Even during peak hours, labor shortages are no longer an issue, and the restaurant can serve more customers.


Integration with third-party delivery platforms like Ubereats allows delivery orders to flow directly into the POS system. This not only saves labor costs but also increases the speed and accuracy of processing delivery orders.


Improving Operational Efficiency

In addition to streamlining delivery order processing through third-party platform integration, POS Handheld has significantly sped up the checkout process and increased table turnover.


When customers are ready to pay, servers can use their handheld POS devices to swipe cards and complete the check. Customers can select tips and sign directly on the device. This eliminates the need for servers to constantly go back and forth to the cash register, resulting in quick checkouts and shorter wait times for customers, ultimately improving customer satisfaction. After implementing electronic tips, restaurant managers also no longer need to spend 2 hours manually entering tips every day.

Increasing Restaurant Revenue

Chowbus POS not only helps Er Hot Pot reduce costs and improve efficiency but also boosts membership numbers and customer loyalty.

Er Hot Pot offers a top-up membership program with perks like cashback, first-order discounts, and free dishes for members. Membership information is shared across all branches, allowing members to use their prepaid balances at any restaurant and enjoy membership benefits.


Moreover, Er Hot Pot utilizes Chowbus' CRM capabilities to send customized messages to different customer segments, encouraging repeat visits. For example, they send targeted messages to potentially lapsed members, offering a free hotpot base to entice them back.

Highly Recommended by Restaurant Owner

The manager of Er Hot Pot commented that Chowbus POS has significantly upgraded their restaurant's dining experience, including customer ordering and membership systems, and third-party delivery integration. It helped them save half of their labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase profitability.


"In the future, Er Hot Pot Group's new restaurants will continue to use Chowbus products. We also hope that Chowbus will continue to develop new features that can further assist the restaurant industry."

In addition to the Er Hotpot Group, many well-known hotpot restaurants in North America are using the Chowbus POS solution, which includes features such as Tablet Ordering, POS Handheld, Third-party Delivery Integrations, and Loyalty. Chowbus will continue to refine its dining solutions for the hotpot category, helping hotpot restaurants reduce costs and increase efficiency!


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