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Chowbus Kiosk is an ordering and payment solution to help to grow your business with efficiency and convenience. Designed to empower your guests and your staff with an effective and efficient digital ordering experience.

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By using Chowbus Kiosk, you can save on labor costs, cut customer wait times, and increase ticket order size.

Convenience & Contactless

Convenience & Contactless

Empower your guests to place and customize their orders independently. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen through Chowbus All-in-one POS system.

Reducing Labor Cost and Time

Reducing Labor Cost and Time

Front-of-house staff who used to take orders manually can now be reassigned to other tasks that increase sales and improve the customer experience.

Collect Valuable Guest Data

Collect Valuable Guest Data

Providing a customer loyalty program to get a better rate of returning customers. Collect guest data on each transaction that can be leveraged to power your marketing and loyalty programs.

Eliminate lines, free up employees’ time, and give customers what they want with a custom-designed experience.

Upgrade Guest Dining Experiences

Upgrade Guest Dining Experiences

  • Enhance Guest Order Experience: Give guests the freedom to choose what they like. Guests can customize their order with available add-on’s and modifiers.
  • SMS Updates: Guests can also opt-in to SMS text updates about their order. No more missing orders.
  • Bilingual System: Maximum coverage, all users can enjoy ordering experience.
Save Operating Cost

Save Operating Cost

  • Cut Labor Cost by $8,000 per month: Orders placed on the Kiosk will be sent to the kitchen directly through our All-in-one POS system. No need for the waiter to input the order manually. With guests ordering on their own, free up staff to handle important tasks elsewhere.
  • Reduce Wait Times: Hungry customers hate waiting in lengthy lines. With guests ordering on their own, there will be no back-and-forth between cashier and guest, wait times are reduced significantly.
  • Real-time Menu Changes: Cloud data sync, real-time price change, save the paper menu cost.
Improve Profit and Order Size

Improve Profit and Order Size

  • Increase Order Size: With Chowbus Kiosk, there’s an option to push upsell prompts as guests are building their orders, including special promotions, adding extra paid toppings, or making a meal a combo. Guests have full control of adding items and customization, increasing average order size and tips by 25%.
  • Reward Guests: Chowbus Kiosk allows for restaurants’ own loyalty programs and restaurants can offer coupons and cash backs to reward their loyal customers with more options that help with retaining the customer for future visits.
Te'amo Boba Bar, Chicago, IL

Te'amo Boba Bar, a busy quick-service boba tea shop. Where speed, efficiency, and accuracy take priority, Chowbus Kiosk Ordering, the Guest-Facing Display, helps deliver delight during the rush at Te'amo Boba Bar.

Te'amo Boba BarChicago, IL

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