How does Chowbus help Machi Machi reduce its labor costs?

October 10, 2023

The globally popular Taiwanese boba tea shop, Machi Machi, made a strong entry into New York in 2020. Initially, Machi Machi faced challenges with POS products that couldn't handle the daily influx of thousands of orders. However, after switching to Chowbus, they effortlessly managed the high order volume, and the system proved to be highly stable. Machi Machi also utilized Chowbus's kiosk to significantly reduce labor costs, speed up order processing, and enhance the overall customer ordering experience.

Let's take a closer look at how kiosk helped Machi Machi optimize and streamline its operations.

Saving on Manual Costs

A single kiosk is equivalent to having an additional staff member, effectively addressing the challenges of hiring personnel.

Machi Machi has three kiosks in the store for customers to place orders independently, meeting the majority of in-store ordering needs without requiring additional staff assistance.


Customers can visually understand the ingredients of each menu item through images and descriptions on the kiosk, eliminating the need to ask staff. boba tea is highly customizable, and when staff manually take orders, they need to inquire about each customer's preferences, leading to additional thinking time, especially for customers unfamiliar with boba tea. With the self-service ordering kiosk, customers can intuitively see available options and prices, reducing the overall order time.

Accelerating Order Fulfillment

By saving on manual order taking, Machi Machi concentrated its manpower on boba tea preparation, significantly increasing overall order fulfillment speed.


After customers place orders on the kiosk, the system sends the order directly to the kitchen printer. The sticker on the kitchen printer clearly indicates the order number, beverage, and preferences. Staff simply place the sticker on the boba tea cup to begin preparation. Orders go straight to the kitchen without manual handovers, enhancing order accuracy. Even with numerous customization options, errors are minimized.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The self-service ordering kiosk not only helped Machi Machi cut costs and improve efficiency but also markedly enhanced the customer dining experience. From customers unfamiliar with boba tea to those who have developed a liking for it, everyone appreciates the convenience of the self-service ordering kiosk.


Customers can learn about seasonal specials or popular items through the ordering kiosk's home page or popular beverage categories. Many customers may struggle to understand specific beverage names, but with large images and product descriptions, they can quickly grasp what each beverage contains. The beverage received is exactly as seen, adding to their dining experience.

Even first-time boba tea customers can easily customize their preferred beverages using the menu's different categories, beverage images, and a clear flavor customization process. This ordering experience provides customers with significant freedom and choice.


After placing an order, customers don't need to wait in the store for a pick-up notification. Once the beverage is ready, customers receive an SMS notification, and they can pick up their drinks with the SMS. In summary, Machi Machi, with the use of kiosk, has improved the smoothness and satisfaction of the customer ordering, payment, and pick-up process.

Overall, Chowbus's kiosk not only helped Machi Machi save on labor costs and increase efficiency but also elevated the customer dining experience. Chowbus POS will continue to support Machi Machi's new store in Boston, contributing to further cost savings and efficiency.


Chowbus's kiosk is the top choice for boba tea shops. Many well-known boba tea shops in North America are using Chowbus POS solutions, including kiosks, third-party delivery platforms integrations, and (cross-store) loyalty features. Chowbus will continue to refine solutions for the boba tea category, helping boba tea shops cut costs and improve efficiency!

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