Restaurant Kiosks in 2024 – You're Losing Money Without One

August 14, 2023

In today's dynamic dining landscape, restaurant POS advancements are reshaping the restaurant industry in profound ways. One such innovation, the self-ordering kiosk, is emerging as a transformative tool that brings an array of benefits to both customers and restaurant owners. In this article, we will delve into the advantages of incorporating self-ordering kiosks into restaurants, as well as explore the types of eateries that can harness their potential to the fullest.

Financial Impact of Self-Ordering Kiosks

From our experience at Chowbus POS, Implementing self-ordering kiosks in a restaurant or business can have significant financial impacts, both in terms of cost savings and revenue generation. Here's a breakdown of the financial benefits associated with using self-ordering kiosks:

  1. Up to $90,000/yr in labor reduction: With kiosks handling the order-taking process, fewer staff members are needed to take orders at the counter. This can lead to substantial savings in wages, especially during peak hours or high-traffic periods.

  2. Up to 25% increase in monthly sales: Self-ordering kiosks are very effective in increasing upselling add-ons, cross-selling, increasing order capacity per hour, and reducing abandoned orders.

  3. Informed Menu Optimization: Depending on your restaurant, modifying your menu selection could have a major impact on margins and sales. With a kiosk, you receive immediate feedback and easy-to-use reports to measure demand for your items.

Benefits of Using Self-Ordering Kiosks

  1. Streamlined Customer Experience: Self-ordering kiosks redefine convenience by providing customers with an interactive platform to place their orders. With the ability to peruse the menu, customize selections, and even accommodate special requests, patrons can navigate their dining choices at their preferred pace. This innovation not only diminishes the likelihood of order inaccuracies but also contributes to elevated customer satisfaction.

  2. Reduced Waiting Times: The frustration of lengthy queues and extended waiting periods can sour even the most patient diners. Self-ordering kiosks address this concern head-on by expediting the ordering process. By minimizing lines and accelerating turnaround times, restaurants equipped with these kiosks enhance operational efficiency, fostering customer loyalty and attracting new clientele.

  3. Enhanced Order Accuracy: The potential for misunderstandings between customers and staff can result in order mishaps. Self-ordering kiosks eradicate this issue by granting customers the autonomy to directly input their preferences. This direct channel ensures the precision of orders, resulting in contented customers and a decline in order discrepancies.

  4. Upselling and Cross-Selling Opportunities: Harnessing artificial intelligence, self-ordering kiosks can intelligently suggest complementary menu items or promotional offers based on customers' selections. This strategic upselling and cross-selling not only enriches the dining experience but also bolsters revenue by encouraging patrons to explore new culinary horizons.

  5. Efficiency in Peak Hours: Navigating peak hours can be a daunting task for any restaurant. Self-ordering kiosks come to the rescue by enabling customers to place orders promptly and without causing undue stress to front-of-house staff. This infusion of efficiency during busy periods contributes to a harmonious dining environment.

  6. Cost Savings and Labor Optimization:While the initial investment in self-ordering kiosks may appear substantial, the long-term dividends are noteworthy. As the need for staff engagement in order-taking diminishes, businesses can strategically allocate resources, leading to enhanced cost savings and improved labor utilization.

Best Restaurants to Use Self-Ordering Kiosks

  1. Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs): The epitome of swiftness and convenience, fast-food chains and quick-service restaurants are ideally suited for self-ordering kiosks. These kiosks seamlessly integrate with the rapid-paced nature of these establishments, offering customers a frictionless ordering experience.

  2. Casual Dining Chains: Restaurants boasting uncomplicated menus with customization options stand to benefit from self-ordering kiosks. Customers can conveniently tailor their orders to their preferences, negating the need for extensive staff interaction.

  3. Cafés and Coffee Shops: The multifaceted menus of cafés and coffee shops often feature an array of add-ons and variations. Self-ordering kiosks empower customers to personalize their orders, ensuring accuracy in their beverage and pastry choices.

  4. Food Courts: Navigating the diverse landscape of a food court can be a logistical challenge. Self-ordering kiosks step in to simplify the process, enabling patrons to seamlessly place orders across multiple eateries within the same location.

  5. Ethnic and Specialty Cuisine Restaurants: Restaurants renowned for their intricate and customizable dishes can leverage self-ordering kiosks to guide customers through complex menu options. This approach guarantees precision in order placement, irrespective of menu intricacy.

  6. Health-Conscious Eateries: For restaurants that champion health-conscious dining, self-ordering kiosks offer a platform for customers to craft meals that align with their dietary preferences. The result is a smooth and exacting ordering process that resonates with health-conscious patrons.

Final Thoughts on Kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks are at the forefront of reshaping restaurant operations, imparting elevated customer experiences, streamlined procedures, and revenue expansion prospects. While a spectrum of restaurant types can reap rewards from this innovation, establishments with customizable menus such as quick-service eateries, casual dining chains, and cafés are uniquely positioned to harness the capabilities of self-ordering kiosk technology. By embracing this technological stride, restaurants are not only distinguishing themselves within the competitive culinary landscape but are also enhancing the overall dining journey for their cherished patrons.

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