Bar POS System

Upgrade your operations and customer experiences – from bar-top to table-top.

Raise Your Bar With The Best Bar POS System

Fast, Effortless Bar Service

Quickly serve patrons in less time with QR code digital menus, handhelds, mobile ordering, and more.

Simplify a hectic bar environment with orders firing directly to your kitchen and POS system from the hands of guests.

More drinks, more appetizers, more sales in less time! Our average POS customer sees big improvements in their table turn over time.

Top Shelf POS Features & Hardware 

Use our POS tab feature specifically designed for bar operations

From handheld tablets to self-ordering kiosks, our POS hardware and software works in harmony across your operation.

24/7 customer support for any late night troubleshooting.

More Speed, More Profits

Our POS system saves the average restaurant up to $8,000/month in labor costs

Save your time and effort on performance reporting. We automate it for you!

Our POS removes redundant costly tasks, which can boost sales volume, tips, staff productivity, and your bottom line!

Use our loyalty, CRM, and gift card programs to turn one-time customers into your regulars!

Fast, Effortless Bar Service
Top Shelf POS Features & Hardware 
More Speed, More Profits

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Chowbus POS system right for my bar?

Yes! Chowbus POS is a perfect fit for bars. We work with thousands of restaurants across the US, with notable restaurant names such as Jongro, Crafty Crab, and Kyu Ramen.

How much does Chowbus POS cost for bars?

Chowbus offers flexible sales solutions. You can choose a monthly subscription plan, and we provide equipment for free, reducing the barrier to access our high-quality products and services. You can also schedule a demo for more information.

What are the most popular features of Chowbus POS for bar?

Our most popular features are: Restaurant Management: Menu management, Order management, Staff management Smart Ordering: POS Handheld, QR code Ordering Online Service: Reservation & Waitlist Retention: Loyalty, CRM

Does Chowbus offer packages for new restaurants opening?

Chowbus POS is the top choice for new restaurants. For detailed packages, you can schedule a demo with us, and we will have a dedicated representative to provide you with a customized solution.

Chowbus POS Poster
POS Systems Built for Restaurants

All in 1 POS Management Suite - No need for multiple systems

Smart Ordering solutions - Save labor (-$8000), increase efficiency and grow sales(+25%)

24/7 Instant Customer Support - Onsite installation & training, shift with ease

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