How to Pick a Donut Shop Name – 50 Unique Name Ideas

How to Pick a Donut Shop Name – 50 Unique Name Ideas

July 20, 2023

If you're in pursuit of opening the ultimate donut shop and seeking inspiration for the perfect name, we've got you covered! Prepare to embark on a delightful journey through a scrumptious list of carefully curated donut shop name recommendations that will undoubtedly tantalize your taste buds with excitement!

What a Good Donut Shop Name Needs:

  1. Brand Identity: When picking a name for your donut shop, think about the vibes you want to give off. Is it a retro hangout, a family-friendly joint, or a trendy and modern hotspot? Make sure the name reflects the image you want to project.

  2. Memorability: You want your donut shop's name to stick like glaze on a freshly baked ring. Keep it short, sweet, and easy to remember, avoiding those tongue-twisting, labyrinthine names. A catchy and distinct name will make sure customers keep coming back for more.

  3. Descriptive or Evocative: Decide if you want to spill the jelly beans upfront or sprinkle some mystery. A straightforward name like "Delicious Donuts" leaves no doubt, while a playful name like "Sugar & Sprinkle" adds a dash of whimsy and wonder.

  4. Differentiation: Don't let your shop blend into the crowd like a plain donut in a sea of flavors. Check out the competition in your area and cook up a name that stands out like a bacon-maple cronut.

  5. Linguistic Considerations: Avoid linguistic mishaps that might leave customers scratching their heads. Go for a name that's easy to say and spell, ensuring that nobody trips over their words when ordering their favorite treats.

  6. Legal Considerations: Before slapping that name on your door, do some snooping to make sure it's not already taken by a rival shop or trademarked elsewhere. Keep it legal and consult with the donut gurus, I mean, legal professionals, just to be safe!

Donut Shop Names from A to M

A - Names

  1. Angelic Donuts

  2. Almond Delights

  3. All-Star Donuts

  4. Aromatic Rings

  5. Ample Glaze

  6. Adorable Doughs

  7. Artisan Crullers

  8. Apricot Swirls

  9. Ambrosia Donut Co.

  10. Apple Cider Crispies

B - Names

  1. Blissful Bites

  2. Bountiful Holes

  3. Blueberry Burst

  4. Baker's Haven

  5. Butterscotch Dreams

  6. Bonanza Donuts

  7. Bold & Glazed

  8. Bavarian Bliss

  9. Brewed & Fried

  10. Beignet Bonanza

C - Names

  1. Cinnamon Swirls

  2. Creamy Filled Delights

  3. Cocoa Crunch Donuts

  4. Cloud Nine Confections

  5. Cosmic Donut Co.

  6. Cake Pop Paradise

  7. Choco-Hazelnut Heaven

  8. Coconut Carnival

  9. Churro Charmers

  10. Citrus Zest Doughnuts

D - Names

  1. Dazzle Donuts

  2. Dreamy Rings

  3. Delicate Drizzles

  4. Divine Donut Delights

  5. Double Trouble Treats

  6. Dulce de Leche Donuts

  7. Dapper Donut Daze

  8. Doughy Delights

  9. Delightful Dunkers

  10. Decadent Doughscapes

E - Names

  1. Enchanted Eclairs

  2. Espresso Glazed Goodies

  3. Exquisite Crullers

  4. Enigma Donuts

  5. Epicurean Edibles

  6. Enticing Fritters

  7. Everlasting Éclairs

  8. Elderberry Euphoria

  9. Embellished Doughnuts

  10. Eden's Dough House

F - Names

  1. Fluffy Frosted Fancies

  2. Festive Fritterland

  3. Fiery Maple Fritters

  4. Frosted Fantasyland

  5. Freshly Baked Bliss

  6. Funnel Cake Frenzy

  7. Flaky Fiesta

  8. Flavorful Fireworks

  9. Frosty Whirlwinds

  10. Fabulous Fritter Factory

G - Names

  1. Glittery Glazeville

  2. Gourmet Galaxy Glazers

  3. Golden Gourmet Rings

  4. Glazed Garden

  5. Gingerbread Gems

  6. Grand Gourmand Donuts

  7. Gooey Caramel Delights

  8. Grape Ape Donuts

  9. Griddle Fresh Fritters

  10. Galaxy Doughnuts

H - Names

  1. Heavenly Honey Rings

  2. Hot Cocoa Confections

  3. Honeycomb Hues

  4. Happy Hole Haven

  5. Hazelnut Hug Donuts

  6. Heartfelt Fritter Fete

  7. Huckleberry Happiness

  8. Hawaiian Dream Donuts

  9. Harvest Spice Delights

  10. Hibiscus Honeyed Holes

I - Names

  1. Iced Cappuccino Rings

  2. Icing on the Donut

  3. Irresistible Infusions

  4. Ivy League Fritters

  5. Innovative Iced Glaze

  6. Island Breeze Doughnuts

  7. Italian Cream Delights

  8. Indulgent Éclair Emporium

  9. Imperial Donut Treats

  10. Ice Cream Stuffed Donuts

J - Names

  1. Java Jolt Doughnuts

  2. Jellybean Jubilee

  3. Jazzy Jazzberry Glaze

  4. Joyful Jamboree Donuts

  5. Jumbo Joy-Filled Holes

  6. Jovial Java Gems

  7. Jubilant Jelly Rings

  8. Juicy Jasmine Donuts

  9. Jittery Java Jives

  10. Jolly Jelly Filled Treats

K - Names

  1. Kettle Fresh Crullers

  2. Krazy Kreme Kaboodle

  3. Kahlúa-Kissed Donuts

  4. King-Size Kronuts

  5. Key Lime Crème Rings

  6. Kookie Coconut Concoctions

  7. Krispy Kandy Delights

  8. Kiwi Kissed Doughnuts

  9. Karat-Infused Fritters

  10. Knickerbocker Donut Co.

L - Names

  1. Luscious Lemon Loops

  2. Lavender Luster Donuts

  3. Lemon Meringue Marvels

  4. Lucky Lavish Doughnuts

  5. Lively Lemon Zest Rings

  6. Lovely Lotus Fritters

  7. Liquorice Love Bites

  8. Luxurious Latté Loops

  9. Luscious Lychee Donuts

  10. Lime-Laced Donutery

M - Names

  1. Marvelous Mocha Rings

  2. Maple Madness Donuts

  3. Midnight Munchables

  4. Mango Tango Treats

  5. Marshmallow Magic Glaze

  6. Majestic Munchkin Morsels

  7. Matcha Madness Donuts

  8. Macadamia Maple Delights

  9. Melting Mocha Fritters

  10. Midnight Marzipan Rings

Donut Shop Names from N to Z

N - Names

  1. Nutty Nugget Donuts

  2. Nostalgic Nutella Nook

  3. Nutmeg Nectar Rings

  4. Neon Nectarine Fritters

  5. Naughty Nut Filled Treats

  6. Nutty Nougat Delights

  7. Nectarous Nettle Donuts

  8. Nectarine Noshing Niche

  9. Nibbly Nutmeg Holes

  10. Nougat Nutcracker Donuts

O - Names

  1. Oh-so-Orange Glaze

  2. Oatmeal Cookie Clusters

  3. Opulent Oreo Obsession

  4. Olive Oil Orange Rings

  5. Orange Zest Overload

  6. Outrageous Ombre Donuts

  7. Ooey Gooey Fritterland

  8. Organic Orange Orchard

  9. Outlandish Olive Doughnuts

  10. Over-the-Top Orangesicles

P - Names

  1. Pecan Praline Rings

  2. Passionfruit Parfait Donuts

  3. Pumpkin Spice Puffery

  4. Peppermint Patty Fritters

  5. Pistachio Perfection Glaze

  6. Pristine Peach Pie Donuts

  7. Pineapple Paradise Rings

  8. Peachy Pavlova Delights

  9. Popping Peanut Butter Holes

  10. Playful Pomegranate Treats

Q - Names

  1. Quirky Quince Fritters

  2. Quick Quinoa Crullers

  3. Queenly Quenched Rings

  4. Quintessential Quince Glaze

  5. Quaint Quinoa Doughnuts

  6. Quilted Quark Delights

  7. Quivering Quiche Donuts

  8. Quixotic Quinoa Fritters

  9. Quizzical Quandary Rings

  10. Quantum Quince Donuts

R - Names

  1. Raspberry Rhapsody Rings

  2. Rocky Road Roller Donuts

  3. Rosewater Raspberry Glaze

  4. Rumbling Rum Raisin Rings

  5. Royal Rhubarb Fritters

  6. Rainbow Rapture Donuts

  7. Radiant Raspberry Delights

  8. Red Velvet Ribbon Rings

  9. Roasted Red Bean Doughnuts

  10. Rustic Rosemary Holes

S - Names

  1. Sprinkled Sweetness Rings

  2. Salted Caramel Sundae Donuts

  3. Strawberry Shortcake Rings

  4. S'mores Sensation Fritters

  5. Sweet Potato Soufflé Glaze

  6. Sticky Toffee Tidbits

  7. Sparkling Strawberry Delights

  8. Snickerdoodle Surprise Rings

  9. Silky Saffron Swirls

  10. Sizzling Szechuan Doughnuts

T - Names

  1. Toasted Almond Treats

  2. Tropical Tangerine Twist

  3. Tangy Tamarind Tornado

  4. Toffee Tiramisu Rings

  5. Triple Berry Temptation

  6. Tea-infused Toffee Donuts

  7. Tasty Turmeric Truffles

  8. Tranquil Taro Fritters

  9. Tantalizing Thai Tea Holes

  10. Twinkling Toffee Treats

U - Names

  1. Unforgettable Ube Glaze

  2. Uplifting Unicorn Donuts

  3. Ultra Violet Vanilla Rings

  4. Unique Ugli Fruit Fritters

  5. Unbeatable Upside-Down Cakes

  6. Umami Udon Donuts

  7. Utopian Umeboshi Delights

  8. Urban Umbrella Rings

  9. Untamed Ugli Holes

  10. Unison Udon Fritters

V - Names

  1. Velvet Vanilla Glaze

  2. Vibrant Violet Fritters

  3. Velvety Vegan Rings

  4. Venerable Violet Delights

  5. Vanilla Vineyard Donuts

  6. Vivid Vortex Fritters

  7. Vintage Vanilla Rings

  8. Violet Velvet Dream Donuts

  9. Vegan Vanilla Sky Holes

  10. Valiant Vanilla Swirls

W - Names

  1. Waffle & Whipped Rings

  2. Wondrous Walnut Winks

  3. White Chocolate Wonder

  4. Whimsical Watermelon Fritters

  5. Wildflower Waffle Glaze

  6. Whisky-infused Wonders

  7. Whipped Cream Wonderland

  8. Warm Waffle Honey Donuts

  9. Wee Welshcake Rings

  10. Wickedly Wholesome Treats

X - Names

  1. Xcellent XoXo Rings

  2. Xtreme Xylitol Donuts

  3. Xotic Xigua Fritters

  4. Xylophone Xanadu Rings

  5. Xenon Xpresso Delights

  6. Xerophyte Xocolate Glaze

  7. Xylitol-infused Xceptionals

  8. Xanthe Xantana Rings

  9. X-Factor Ximenia Donuts

  10. Xtra Xylose Fritters

Y - Names

  1. Yummy Yuzu Glaze

  2. Youthful Yum-Yum Donuts

  3. Yellow Yolk Rings

  4. Yippie Ki Yay Fritters

  5. Yummiest Yogurt Holes

  6. Yucatán Yum Cha Rings

  7. Yerba Mate Madness

  8. Yodeling Yuzu Delights

  9. Yummylicious Yacon Rings

  10. Yummy Mummy Donuts

Z - Names

  1. Zesty Zucchini Rings

  2. Zen Zabaglione Fritters

  3. Zany Zucchini Glaze

  4. Zingy Zestful Donuts

  5. Zillionaire's Zuppa Rings

  6. Zambian Zaffron Fritters

  7. Zappy Zanzibar Donuts

  8. Zesty Zirconia Rings

  9. Zoorific Zebrawood Holes

  10. Zany Zucchini Delights

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the perfect name for your donut shop is an exciting and crucial step in creating a brand that stands out in a delectably competitive market. Whether you opt for the enchanting "Velvet Vanilla Glaze" or the whimsical "Sprinkled Sweetness Rings," the right name will not only reflect the essence of your delightful treats but also leave a lasting impression on your customers, setting the stage for a flourishing donut haven.

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