Easter Restaurant Promotions: 25 Ideas to Wow Your Guests!

February 29, 2024

Easter is around the corner, bringing a basket full of opportunities for restaurants to showcase their creativity and hospitality. While Easter can be a bustling time for the food industry, standing out amidst the competition requires more than a festive spirit. It calls for well-thought-out Easter restaurant promotions that not only entice customers but also create memorable dining experiences. 

Are you wondering how to hatch the perfect plan to attract more guests this Easter? 

Look no further! 

This blog post will dive into some of the most innovative and effective restaurant ideas for Easter, ensuring your establishment is the talk of the town. Let's hop right in!

Easter Restaurant Promotions

Easter offers a unique opportunity to bring in guests with imaginative promotions. Here are some egg-citing strategies to consider:

1. Special Easter Menus

Nothing says Easter like a carefully curated menu highlighting the season's best. Consider creating a multi-course menu that includes Easter-themed pastries for brunch or traditional dishes like lamb or ham for dinner. This gives your guests a taste of the holiday and showcases your culinary creativity. Consider incorporating spring vegetables and Easter staples to make the meal festive.

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2. Easter Egg Discounts

Leverage the fun of Easter egg hunts by hiding virtual "Easter eggs" on your website or social media pages. These could lead to discounts, free items, or special offers when found. This fun and interactive approach boosts online engagement and encourages people to visit your restaurant in person to redeem their finds. It's a win-win for online and in-person traffic. Plus, it's a great way to excite customers about your Easter offerings.

3. Social Media Promotion

Promote your Easter festivities through social media by sharing captivating photos of your specials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and themed decor to generate excitement. Highlight what sets your restaurant apart this Easter, such as exclusive menus, family-friendly egg hunts, or live entertainment. Utilize high-quality images and compelling posts with all event details to attract more guests.

4. Family Bundle Deals

Easter is a time for family gatherings. Make it easier for them to celebrate with family meal deals that can be enjoyed either at your restaurant or at home. Create food combo offers for family dinners that include a mix of entrees, sides, and desserts that cater to all ages. This provides convenience for your customers and boosts your sales through larger orders.

5. Social Media Contests

Engage your audience with a fun Easter-themed contest on social media. Invite your followers to share photos of their Easter celebrations or dining experiences at your restaurant using a specific hashtag. Offer a tempting prize for the best post, such as a free meal or a gift voucher. This increases engagement and spreads the word about your restaurant through user-generated content.

6. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Engaging in partnerships with local businesses such as flower shops, bakeries, or gift shops can create a synergistic effect that benefits all parties involved. Consider offering discounts to each other's customers or crafting joint Easter baskets filled with goodies and vouchers. This broadens your reach and adds value to your customers' experiences, making your restaurant a go-to destination for Easter celebrations.

7. Early Bird Discounts

Encourage guests to make their Easter reservations well in advance by offering enticing early bird discounts. This helps forecast demand, manage your inventory more effectively, and build anticipation for the special day. You could offer a percentage off the total bill or a complimentary bottle of wine for bookings made by a certain date, making it a win-win for your restaurant and guests.

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8. Themed Menu Items

Delight your guests with a menu that celebrates Easter in every bite. Introduce special dishes or desserts inspired by Easter traditions, such as lamb entrees, hot cross buns, or chocolate eggs. Creative presentations, such as bunny-shaped appetizers or desserts decorated with edible flowers, can add a playful touch to the dining experience and will surely be a hit for adults and children.

9. Email Marketing

Personalized email campaigns can be a powerful tool to draw attention to your Easter restaurant promotions. Craft emails that showcase exclusive vouchers, sneak peeks of your Easter menu, or special offers that are irresistible. This direct approach lets you personally engage with your audience, encouraging them to choose your restaurant for their Easter dining.

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10. Gift Cards

Launch special Easter-themed gift cards for customers looking for the perfect holiday gift. Designed with vibrant Easter motifs, these cards are an excellent way to spread holiday joy and encourage future visits. Offering them as a gift solution allows guests to share the experience with friends and family, boosting sales and attracting new customers to your restaurant.

11. Loyalty Program Rewards

Rewarding your loyal customers with double points or special Easter rewards is a great way to express gratitude and encourage more frequent visits during the Easter season. Tailoring your loyalty program to offer extra holiday benefits can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

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12. Offer Prix Fixe Brunch or Dinner Specials

Curate a special Easter menu with a set number of courses at a fixed price. This could include traditional Easter dishes, seasonal spring ingredients, or your restaurant's signature dishes with an Easter twist. Prix fixe menus are excellent for streamlining kitchen operations and give diners the sense of getting a special deal, making it a win-win for both.

13. Host a Restaurant Easter Giveaway

Who doesn't love the thrill of a giveaway? Consider hosting an Easter-themed giveaway that can engage your customers both in-person and online. This could range from a simple Easter basket filled with gourmet goodies to a grand prize of a free Easter meal for the whole family. Promoting this event across your social media channels can increase participation and bring in new customers looking to win a special Easter treat.

14. Offer an Easter Buffet

For those looking to provide a more varied and interactive dining experience, an Easter buffet is a fantastic idea. It allows guests to sample various dishes at their own pace, making it perfect for larger groups and families with children. Include traditional Easter dishes, seasonal spring vegetables, and a carving station to make the buffet feel festive and abundant. Remember, presentation is key, so decorate your buffet with Easter-themed decorations to enhance the holiday atmosphere.

Easter-Themed Ideas for Your Restaurant

To stand out this Easter, incorporate festive ideas that will enchant your guests and make your establishment the go-to spot for celebrations:

1. Decor and Ambiance

First impressions matter. Begin by enveloping your guests in the spirit of Easter the moment they enter your restaurant. Adorn your space with vibrant spring decorations — think lush floral arrangements, pastel-colored tablecloths, and delicate Easter basket centerpieces that catch the eye. 

An egg display, creatively arranged, can become a focal point of your decor. Enhancing your ambiance with soft, inviting lighting and Easter-themed background music will complete the transformation, making your restaurant not just a place to eat but an Easter experience to remember.


2. Easter Egg Hunts

An Easter egg hunt is a timeless tradition that instantly adds a fun, family-friendly vibe to your Easter celebrations. Consider setting up a designated area for an egg hunt or an egg decorating contest, making sure to cater to various age groups so everyone can join in the fun. This can be a unique selling point for families looking to enjoy a meal while keeping the kids entertained. Offering special prizes or discounts for finding certain eggs can also add an exciting competitive edge to the activity.

3. Specialty Easter Desserts

Delight your guests with a selection of Easter-inspired desserts. These sweet treats will surely be a hit, from pastel-colored macarons and cupcakes adorned with edible flowers to decadent chocolate eggs and carrot cake. Creative presentations, such as desserts shaped like Easter eggs or bunnies, can become a talking point among guests and attract those seeking unique culinary experiences.


4. Live Entertainment

Elevate the Easter ambiance with live entertainment that resonates with the festive spirit. Consider hosting local musicians or bands that can play a mix of upbeat and soothing tunes. A children's choir performing Easter hymns can add a unique touch, creating a heartwarming experience for guests. Live entertainment not only enriches the dining atmosphere but also keeps guests engaged and more likely to extend their stay.

5. Crafting Corner for Kids

Easter is a family-oriented holiday, and providing something special for the little ones can make a big difference. Setting up a small area where kids can engage in Easter crafts allows them to have fun and be creative while their parents enjoy their meals. This thoughtful addition enhances the dining experience for families, making your restaurant a favorable option for those with children.


6. Easter Cocktail and Mocktail Menu

Refresh your drink menu with Easter-inspired cocktails and mocktails that burst with spring flavors and vibrant colors. Introduce a 'Bunny Mary,' a playful take on the classic Bloody Mary, infused with carrot juice and garnished with fresh herbs. 

Don't forget to include fun boba drinks, with colorful tapioca pearls adding an element of surprise. These thematic beverages are sure to be a hit, offering something special and Instagram-worthy for everyone.

7. Bunny Brunch

Embrace the theme with a Bunny Brunch showcasing a menu inspired by the holiday's most iconic character. From carrot cake to rabbit-shaped pancakes, let each dish reflect the playfulness and joy of Easter. Creative presentations and Easter-themed treats can elevate the dining experience, making it unforgettable. This themed brunch can be a magnet for families looking for a festive and fun dining experience during the Easter weekend.

8. Easter Photo Booth

Bring the fun of Easter to life with a themed photo booth. Decorate a corner of your restaurant with vibrant Easter props and backdrops, inviting guests to capture joyful moments. Whether it's families taking pictures with the Easter Bunny or friends posing with playful accessories, a photo booth adds an interactive element that guests will remember and share on social media, further promoting your restaurant.


9. Plan Activities for Kids

Beyond the egg hunts and decorating stations, broaden your Easter allure with various activities tailored for young guests. Puppet shows, storytelling sessions, or even a visit from the Easter Bunny himself can transform a simple meal into an unforgettable experience. By engaging children with entertaining and interactive diversions, you not only ensure their enjoyment but also allow parents to relax and savor their meals, creating a win-win situation for families.

10. Throw a Patio Party

If your restaurant features outdoor space, consider hosting a patio party to celebrate Easter. Deck out your patio with festive decor and perhaps even a special menu or live music to create a vibrant, open-air celebration. A patio party can cater to larger groups, making it an ideal option for Easter gatherings.

So, that's a wrap on our roundup of Easter restaurant promotions and ideas for 2024! With these vibrant restaurant ideas for Easter, your venue is all set to outshine the rest. Get ready to make this Easter unforgettable for your guests with these innovative easter restaurant promotions. Cheers to a thriving season filled with joy and celebration!

11. Easter Egg Decorating Station

Carve out a corner of creativity in your restaurant with an Easter egg decorating station. This hands-on activity invites guests of all ages to personalize their Easter eggs, fostering a sense of community and interactive fun. It's a simple yet effective way to add an extra layer of engagement to the dining experience, encouraging families to linger longer and immerse themselves fully in the festive spirit.



Executing successful Easter restaurant promotions and ideas requires creativity, planning, and a touch of festivity. By embracing the strategies and concepts discussed, you can ensure your restaurant attracts more customers and offers them an Easter experience they'll cherish. Start preparing now to make the most of the Easter opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Easter Restaurant Promotions

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions about Easter restaurant promotions to get all the insights you need for a successful holiday campaign. From crafting the perfect slogan to timing your advertisements just right, these answers will set you up for a memorable Easter celebration.

What is a Catchy Slogan for Easter?

A catchy slogan for Easter should encapsulate the holiday's joy, renewal, and celebratory spirit. Here are five samples:

  1. "Hop into Happiness this Easter!"

  2. "Egg-citing Times Await This Easter!"

  3. "Spring into Joy - Easter's Here!"

  4. "Easter Delights, Spring in Sight!"

  5. "Baskets of Blessings on Easter Day!"

How to Do Promotions in Restaurants?

To do promotions in a restaurant:

  • Start by identifying your target audience and goals.

  • Utilize social media platforms to share enticing photos, specials, and events.

  • Offer time-limited discounts or special menu items to create urgency.

  • Engage with local influencers or bloggers for reviews and wider exposure.

  • Implement loyalty programs to reward repeat customers.

  • Organize events or theme nights to attract different groups.

  • Partner with local businesses for cross-promotion.

  • Ensure excellent customer service to encourage word-of-mouth promotion.

  • Keep promotions fresh and aligned with your brand for the best results.

How Do You Advertise an Easter Egg Hunt?

To advertise an Easter egg hunt effectively, leverage social media platforms to create excitement and reach a broad audience. Use eye-catching graphics and include all the event details, such as date, time, location, and age groups. Also, create a Facebook event or Instagram stories with countdowns to engage potential attendees. 

Email newsletters are also powerful, especially for community organizations or schools with an existing mailing list. Don't forget to distribute flyers in local businesses, community centers, and schools, ensuring visibility in the local community. Partnering with local businesses for sponsorships or prizes can increase visibility and attendance. Remember to use engaging and descriptive language that highlights the fun and festive nature of the event.

When Should I Start Advertising for Easter?

Start advertising for Easter at least 4-6 weeks before the holiday, around mid-February to early March 2024. This timeframe allows for building awareness and capitalizing on consumer interest leading to Easter.

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