Why You Need a POS with Customer Facing Display Today

May 13, 2024

Customer interactions are crucial in the restaurant business, yet many establishments struggle to maintain efficient and transparent communication during the ordering process. A customer facing display is an essential tool to bridge this gap. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into what a customer-facing display is, how it functions, and the benefits it can bring to your restaurant. How can a small screen make a big difference in your operations and customer satisfaction? Let’s find out.

What is a Customer Facing Display?

A customer facing display (CFD) refers to a secondary screen on a point-of-sale (POS) system that faces the customer, providing them with real-time information about their transactions. It’s designed to enhance transparency and communication between the restaurant and its patrons, presenting details like order specifics, prices, and discounts directly to the customers as they make their purchases.

What is Displayed on a Customer Facing Display?

Typically, a customer-facing display shows information crucial to the customer’s purchase decision and understanding. This includes:

  • Itemized breakdown of the current order, including prices and quantities. It may be particularly useful in settings like an ice cream shop that sells items by weight, where the display connected to a POS scale would show the weight for customer confirmation

  • Relevant taxes and discounts applied

  • Subtotal and total cost of the purchase

  • Promotional messages or upcoming offers that might interest the customer

  • Restaurant branding elements such as logos and thematic colors

Understanding what is displayed helps to grasp the direct benefits of integrating a customer facing display into your restaurant's operations. Now, let's explore how these displays can specifically enhance your service and marketing efforts.

Benefits of a Customer Facing Display for Restaurants

Integrating a customer-facing display (CFD) into your restaurant’s POS system brings advantages that streamline operations, enhance customer relations, and optimize marketing efforts. Here’s a deeper dive into how these displays can transform your restaurant experience.

1. Improves the Customer Experience

Introducing a customer facing display (CFD) can transform customers’ interaction with your restaurant. By keeping your customers informed with real-time updates during the ordering process, these displays help clear up any confusion and ensure that your customers understand exactly what they’re getting. This level of clarity and transparency not only builds trust but also enhances the overall satisfaction of your customers, giving them the confidence that they’re in complete control of their purchasing decisions.

2. Streamlines Customer Transactions

Imagine how much quicker the checkout process could be if every customer could see their order being built in real-time. That’s the power of a customer-facing display. As orders are entered, the details pop up immediately for customers to review, allowing them to confirm the accuracy right then and there. This swift verification speeds up the entire process, helping to keep the line moving and reducing wait times for everyone.

3. Enhances Customer Engagement

No one enjoys waiting, especially in busy restaurants. Customer facing displays can help mitigate the tedium of waiting by engaging customers with order details and promotional content right where they stand. This makes the wait seem shorter and keeps your customers informed and interested, significantly boosting their engagement with your restaurant.

4. Minimizing Order Errors

We’ve all been there—dealing with the fallout of a wrong order. It’s frustrating for everyone involved. With a customer facing display, as soon as a customer places an order, they can see a summary of what they’re getting. It allows for a quick confirmation that everything is as it should be. If there’s a mistake, it can be caught and corrected before it’s too late. This accuracy in ordering dramatically reduces the chances of errors, which, in turn, cuts down on food waste and keeps your customers happy.

5. Saves Money on In-Store Advertising

Why spend a fortune on traditional advertising methods when your customer facing displays can do double duty? These screens are perfect for showcasing promotions, special offers, or new menu items directly to your customers at the point of sale. It’s a cost-effective way to advertise that capitalizes on customer attention when it matters most.

6. Provides a Transparent Breakdown of Charges

Transparency builds trust, and showing a detailed breakdown of charges can significantly enhance customer satisfaction. A customer-facing display does exactly that by itemizing each charge clearly, which helps eliminate any surprise costs at checkout and assures your customers of the fairness of your pricing.

7. Enhances Brand Exposure

Your brand is your identity, and reinforcing it directly at the point of sale can significantly impact how customers perceive your restaurant. Use your customer-facing displays to showcase your logo, brand colors, and any thematic elements that resonate with your brand, enhancing visibility and consistency throughout the customer experience.

8. Reduces Return and Exchange Rates

With customer-facing displays, the accuracy of every order is validated right at the point of sale, significantly reducing the chances of post-purchase issues like returns or exchanges. Customers leave confident with their orders, and your staff spends less time rectifying order-related issues.

Each of these benefits contributes to a smoother, more engaging, and more efficient customer experience, showcasing how essential a customer-facing display can be in modern restaurant operations.


Customer-facing displays are more than just a digital screen. They are a vital component of modern restaurant technology that enhances customer interactions, improves efficiency, and fosters trust and transparency. By integrating these displays into your operations, you’re investing in a tool that offers tangible returns through improved customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Facing Displays

Here are some questions you might have about customer facing displays. This section aims to clarify their functionality, suitability for various restaurant types, and typical customer reactions.

What is Customer Facing Price Display?

A customer-facing price display is a digital screen that shows transaction details directly to customers during checkout. This display often includes itemized products, prices, and the total amount due, enhancing transparency and improving the customer experience by allowing them to view transaction information in real-time.

Are Customer Facing Displays Suitable for All Types of Restaurants?

Customer-facing displays are versatile and can benefit most restaurant types by enhancing order accuracy and transparency. However, they are particularly effective in quick-service, fast-casual, and any setting where speed and efficiency are priorities. For fine dining restaurants, they may not align with the ambiance and customer service style typically expected.

How Do Customers Typically React to Customer Facing Displays?

Customers typically appreciate customer-facing displays because they provide transparency and control over their transactions. These displays allow customers to view their order details, prices, and total costs in real time, which helps prevent errors and builds trust.

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