10 Must-Read Restaurant Management Books in 2023

10 Must-Read Restaurant Management Books in 2023

June 21, 2023

If you're seeking to enhance your expertise in restaurant management, we present to you a curated list of 10 indispensable books. These titles cover a broad range of topics, including operational strategies, financial acumen, exceptional customer service, and effective restaurant marketing. Immerse yourself in the knowledge contained within these books and elevate your skills as a restaurant manager.

1. "The New Restaurant Manager: How to Get Ahead, Avoid Rookie Mistakes, and Still Have a Life" by John Self

If you're a new manager looking to steer clear of common pitfalls, "The New Restaurant Manager" is your go-to guide. Written in a refreshingly practical and relatable style, it feels like grabbing a coffee with your own personal mentor. Get ready to gain invaluable insights and practical advice to navigate your role with confidence and success.

Price: $15.99 – Buy on Amazon

2. "Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business" by Danny Meyer

In this enlightening work, Danny Meyer, an industry veteran, imparts his experiences and emphasizes the pivotal role of hospitality in creating exceptional dining experiences. Gain insights into hiring practices, fostering welcoming environments, and delivering outstanding service.

Price: $14.99 Buy on Amazon

3. "Restaurant Success by the Numbers" by Roger Fields

With a focus on the financial facets of restaurant management, this comprehensive guide equips you with the strategies and tools necessary for financial success. From budgeting and inventory management to pricing and cost control, this book is an indispensable asset.

Price: $17.95 Buy on Amazon

4. "Running a Restaurant For Dummies" by Michael Garvey, Heather Dismore, and Andrew G. Dismore

Geared towards novices in the field, this book serves as a fundamental primer on restaurant management. Explore the essentials of conceptualizing a restaurant, creating a business plan, and executing vital aspects such as staff training and customer service.

Price: $16.39 Buy on Amazon

5. "The Bar Shift: 41 Management Lessons..." by Dave Nitzel, David Domzalski, and Sean Finter

"The Bar Shift" is a comprehensive guide that presents 41 best practices tailored to the unique needs of bar and restaurant managers. Focused on improving results and work-life balance, this book provides specific and concise strategies that align with the demands of our industry. Get ready to enhance your management skills and drive success in your establishment with this indispensable resource.

Price: $18.95  Buy on Amazon

6. "How to Rock Restaurant Management: 5 Ingredients to Leading a Successful Team" by Rod Wortham

In this insightful and practical book, Katelyn Silva shares her valuable approach and strategies for building and leading a high-performing team in the restaurant industry. Discover how her methods can result in smoother shifts, happier guests, satisfied team members, and ultimately, increased profitability. Get ready to gain the knowledge and tools you need to make a positive impact on your restaurant's success.

Price: $9.99 – Buy on Amazon

7. "The Restaurant Manager's Handbook" by Douglas Robert Brown

Offering comprehensive guidance, this handbook is a valuable resource for establishing, operating, and effectively managing a financially prosperous food service establishment. From menu planning and staff management to marketing strategies, this book covers it all.

Price: $29.99 Buy on Amazon

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These 10 books on restaurant management offer invaluable insights and practical guidance for aspiring and experienced restaurant managers alike. Follow the provided links to embark on your journey toward becoming a successful and well-rounded professional in the dynamic world of restaurant management. Happy reading and best of luck in your culinary endeavors!

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