QR Code Menus - 3 Financial Reasons You Need Them

August 11, 2023

Every year the restaurant industry is embraces new innovative POS solutions that redefine the dining experience. QR code ordering is leading this charge, offering a range of benefits for customers and restaurant owners alike. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of QR code ordering, its financial impact, and the types of eateries that can best utilize this technology.

Financial Impact of QR Code Ordering

Given our experience at Chowbus POS, the average restaurant owner using our suite of POS products (including handheld tablets) saves up to $96,000/yr on labor costs

  1. Increased Table Turnover: Faster order placement and shorter wait times lead to more customers served, especially during peak hours, resulting in increased revenue.

  2. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes allow staff to focus on crucial tasks such as food preparation and customer service, contributing to operational efficiency.

  3. Cost Savings: Less food waste and reduced printing expenses translate to cost savings, making QR code ordering economically advantageous.

Benefits of QR Code Ordering

  1. Contactless Convenience: QR code ordering eliminates physical menus and cash transactions. By scanning a QR code with their smartphones, customers access menus, place orders, and make payments—streamlining the process and minimizing contact.

  2. Reduced Wait Times: QR code ordering empowers customers to browse menus, customize orders, and place them at their own pace. This seamless experience reduces wait times and ensures a swift and enjoyable dining encounter.

  3. Enhanced Order Accuracy: Direct input via smartphones minimizes misunderstandings between customers and staff, leading to accurate orders and heightened satisfaction.

  4. Real-Time Menu Updates: QR code menus are updated in real time, ensuring that customers always see the latest offerings, prices, and promotions—avoiding confusion from outdated information.

  5. Allergen and Dietary Info: QR code menus provide detailed ingredient, allergen, and nutritional information, catering to diverse dietary preferences and needs.

  6. Efficient Payment Processing: QR code ordering enables direct smartphone payments, accelerating table turnover and reducing the need for manual payment handling.

Ideal Restaurants for QR Code Ordering

  1. Casual Dining and Cafés: QR code ordering suits casual dining and cafés, offering a user-friendly way for customers to order while preserving personalized service.

  2. Bars and Breweries: In bars and breweries, QR code ordering simplifies drink and snack ordering without patrons needing to leave their seats.

  3. Fast-Casual and Quick-Service: QR code ordering enhances efficiency during peak hours at fast-casual and quick-service establishments.

  4. Outdoor and Patio Dining: Ideal for outdoor settings, QR code ordering eliminates the impact of weather on physical menus.

  5. Events and Functions: QR code ordering streamlines order and payment processes at events, functions, and catering services.

Ready to Setup QR Code Ordering?

In summary, QR code ordering is revolutionizing dining by providing a contactless, efficient, and tailored experience. Its impact extends to revenue growth, streamlined operations, and cost savings. Suitable for a variety of restaurants, this technology aligns particularly well with those valuing convenience, efficiency, and accuracy. By adopting QR code ordering, restaurants stay ahead of the curve, adapting to evolving customer expectations and carving a niche in the modern dining landscape.

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