New Feature: Restaurant Loyalty Program

September 1, 2023

Do you often ponder over the question of how to consistently bring customers to our restaurant? If you own a chain of restaurants, you might be more concerned about establishing brand influence and enhancing customer dining frequency within the chain or even within the restaurant group.

To address this challenge, Chowbus POS has designed a comprehensive Loyalty Program for restaurants. Furthermore, for chain restaurants or restaurant groups, we offer options for the scope of membership card applicability, allowing flexible combinations to meet the restaurant's needs in different scenarios.

What does Chowbus POS Loyalty program include?

Chowbus POS Loyalty program provides the following capabilities:

  • Free/Paid membership

  • First-order discount

  • Recharge cashback

  • Consumption cashback

  • Marketing SMS

What are the benefits of Loyalty Program?

Efficiently converting new customers into returning customers:

  • Chowbus POS integrates the loyalty program into all products, such as tablet ordering, QR code ordering, kiosks, and restaurant online ordering. This effectively increases the number of members.

  • Setting exclusive benefits for new members enhances the conversion rate of customers into members. 

  • After new customers register as members, sending promotional activity information can convert them into loyal returning customers.

Significantly boosting customer repurchase rates:

  • By setting the consumption cashback ratio, the repurchase rate of members can be significantly increased.

  • Sending customized promotional messages enhances the order conversion rate, such as "Your favorite XX product is now buy one get one free, and you'll also earn double points."

  • Once customers add the membership card to Apple Wallet, the restaurant can instantly remind nearby members to visit and dine.

How to set up a membership card? 

The setup process is simple. If your package includes loyalty program options, you can directly log in to the Chowbus Dashboard Membership Management - Membership System for configuration. If you have the need for cross-store membership, you can contact the account manager for setup.

[Membership Enrollment]: Free enrollment/Recharge enrollment/Annual fee enrollment

[Prepaid Card]: Multiple-level recharge cashback ratios can be set

[Recharge Restriction]: Available immediately/Not available on the same day


[First-Order Rate]: Discount for the member's first order

[Cashback Rate]: Cashback ratio for member consumption

[Advertising Settings]: Where members can see registered members/entrances for managing members


[Autopilot]: SMS and member interaction can be sent for scenarios like new registration, first-order reminders, birthdays, repurchases, and recalls.


How to leverage cross-store membership?

For chain restaurants, you can choose the applicable restaurant scope for each membership card.

To leverage cross-store membership for generating more revenue, you can consider the following approaches:

  • Using the same membership card for chain restaurants: Similar to Target supermarkets, different Target locations can use the same membership card for points, enjoying member prices, and other benefits.

  • Different brand restaurants under a restaurant group using the same membership card: For instance, in Kroger supermarket group, different cities have different brands like Kroger, Mariano's, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, all using the same membership card for unified points accumulation.

  • Different brand restaurants under a restaurant group having their own membership cards: Similar to Walmart supermarket group, the Walmart and Sam's brands do not share memberships. Each has its own membership strategy; Walmart offers free membership, while Sam's offers paid membership.

You can design a membership system together with our account manager based on the requirements of different scenarios.

For chain restaurants/restaurant groups looking to use cross-store membership, please note the following:

  • If single-store membership exists before:

The restaurant needs to discuss with the account manager whether to retain the single-store membership or upgrade it to cross-store membership. Existing single-store membership data will be handled accordingly.

  • If single-store membership doesn't exist before:

Members registered in various subsidiary restaurants will automatically be cross-store members, eligible for member benefits at multiple locations.

In summary, restaurants can utilize the Chowbus POS loyalty program to efficiently convert returning customers and enhance customer repurchase rates. By offering first-order discounts and recharge cashback functions, the enthusiasm of customers to register as members can be increased. Consumption cashback and member-special dishes can attract continuous repurchases from members. Marketing SMS and other functions can remind members to visit the restaurant.

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