New York's Trendiest Y Space BBQ’s Success with Chowbus: Slash 30% Costs!

February 7, 2024

Y Space BBQ, invested heavily in creating a cosmic space-themed BBQ restaurant, leads the new wave of Chinese-style BBQ, becoming the trendiest and most beloved BBQ spot among the youth in New York.


Like a good horse with a good saddle, this tech-savvy BBQ restaurant has chosen to equip itself with the latest restaurant technology, Chowbus POS, to provide the most comfortable dining experience for customers. Y Space BBQ benefits from Chowbus POS in waiting, ordering, payment processing, and customer retention, saving 30% of costs. Moreover, by utilizing the membership program, they can achieve a monthly turnover of up to $100,000!

Among the many features, the owner of Y Space BBQ is particularly satisfied with tablet ordering, POS handheld, and loyalty functions. Additionally, the excellent after-sales service provided by Chowbus has received high praise.


The owner of Y Space BBQ mentioned that they had previously used mainstream and Chinese POS systems but were not very satisfied. Whenever issues arose, it was unclear how long it would take to resolve them. However, with Chowbus, they can raise questions anytime in the WeChat group, and the technical support team is available 24/7, ensuring quick issue resolution whenever a problem arises. Operating a restaurant requires real-time solutions, and Chowbus's excellent customer service ensures stable restaurant operations.

Tablet Ordering is Eye-Catching and Cost-Effective

To deliver high-quality dishes to customers, Y Space BBQ invested in capturing many high-quality images. However, with other systems used before, even if they uploaded good-looking pictures, the presentation was often distorted or compressed.

Chowbus's tablet ordering can clearly display dishes, showcasing the enticing nature of the food. Eye-catching images accompanied by detailed descriptions make customers more eager to order.


Furthermore, before using Chowbus, Y Space BBQ relied on paper menus. Often, they faced issues where menu prints were missing dish prices, resulting in significant printing costs.


With Chowbus tablet ordering, Y Space BBQ can have Chowbus modify dishes and prices at any time, and changes take effect in real-time. No longer do they need to spend additional time and costs on changing menus.

Additionally, young people prefer using tablets for ordering, showcasing Y Space BBQ's commitment to staying up-to-date.


Combining tablet ordering with handheld POS devices gives servers great flexibility. Before using Chowbus, if customers had any issues, such as urging for dishes or requesting the bill, servers had to go to the counter to address and resolve the issues. With Chowbus, servers can check dish preparation progress, urge dishes, and handle customer payments at the table, significantly improving efficiency.

Loyalty Program Further Solidifies Customer Retention

Y Space BBQ adopts a recharge-to-join membership model, where customers become members by recharging and enjoy five-fold benefits.


All dishes come with a member discount, and on member days, customers receive a free BBQ mystery box. With birthday benefits, members feel distinguished, enhancing their motivation to register as members.


On top of the recharge amount, Y Space BBQ introduces a new approach of gifting meat packages for recharges. The more customers recharge, the more they receive, and they can enjoy the benefits on the spot. This further increases the motivation for members to recharge substantial amounts, helping Y Space BBQ lock in significant turnover and enhance fund turnover rates.

Chowbus will continue to upgrade its products and services, providing restaurants with cutting-edge restaurant technology and more considerate services to meet the expanding needs of various types of restaurants.

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