New York's 6,000 sqft Cinnabar’s Success with Chowbus: More Efficient and Easy-to-Use!

February 7, 2024

Chowbus POS is not only beloved by Chinese restaurant owners and customers but has also gained trust among mainstream Chinese restaurants.

With an investment of over a million dollars, Cinnabar, located on Long Island, New York, spans 6000 square feet and employs dozens of staff, making it a large-scale restaurant. Cinnabar boasts an upscale and elegant decor, aiming to spread more Chinese culture to Americans.


From the initial opening, Cinnabar chose to use the Chowbus POS system. Both the restaurant owner and waitstaff find the system very user-friendly and easy to learn.

The restaurant owner of Cinnabar mentioned that Chowbus POS, from basic functions like table management, menu management, and employee management to advanced features like third-party delivery integration, significantly enhances management efficiency.

Meeting daily management needs while being user-friendly

It is well-known that restaurants targeting the mainstream market have higher standards for the basic functions of POS systems, testing the fundamental capabilities of the system.

A good system not only needs a solid foundation but also has to be user-friendly. The owner of Cinnabar mentioned that the Chowbus POS system is very easy to learn, and it only took him two to three weeks to master the entire system. The ordering and payment processes are straightforward, making the training of new staff easy. Essentially, new staff can start using the system on their first day, significantly shortening the training time.

Table Management

On the flat table map of the POS app, orders can be merged, transferred, and the server can be changed with just one click. This feature allows for easy handling of situations where customers want to merge tables, change tables, or switch servers.

Menu Management

When a dish is sold out and needs to be taken off the menu, the restaurant owner can directly search for the dish in the menu management page of the POS app and click "Mark as Sold Out."

Employee Management

When a new employee joins, the owner of Cinnabar can create a new employee in the team management interface of the POS app, setting roles and the login device's PIN code.


Delivery Order Management

Cinnabar also uses Chowbus' third-party delivery platform integration feature. The owner of Cinnabar mentioned that the third-party integration feature is very convenient and saves the restaurant a lot of time processing delivery orders. Compared to the traditional way of manually entering and printing each delivery order, which took a lot of time and had a higher error rate, Chowbus' third-party integration feature only requires a click to confirm and process the order, saving a significant amount of time and reducing the error rate.

When the service staff is satisfied, that's when it's truly good!

Not only did the restaurant owner praise the system, but the foreign service staff also spoke highly of it. Most of Cinnabar's service staff are local employees. We specifically interviewed a waiter to see how he felt about using the system.

He mentioned that the Chowbus system is very user-friendly, and he was able to master the table opening, ordering, and checkout processes on his first day of work.


The table map on the handheld POS device is easy to match with the tables in the restaurant. Waitstaff can open tables, take orders, and process payments directly at the table without waiting for the front desk to open the table or going to the counter to find the corresponding table to place an order or settle the bill. This feature is particularly friendly to new staff.

The ordering interface is also very clear. The two-layer menu structure allows waitstaff to quickly locate categories and dishes. The dishes also have pictures, which can be shown to customers for further explanation when necessary.

The ordering page allows for direct addition, removal of dishes, and adjustment of prices. All operations are straightforward, aligning with the habits of the service staff and requiring no additional understanding or learning costs.

Checkout is even simpler. When a customer wants to pay, the service staff can settle the bill directly at the table with the handheld POS device. Moreover, the handheld POS device's card reader supports various payment methods, including contactless, chip, and swipe, making the process very convenient.

The streamlined ordering and checkout process not only makes it more convenient for waitstaff but also allows them to serve more customers and earn more tips.

Whether a POS system is good or not not only depends on how many advanced features can help restaurants save labor and improve efficiency but more importantly, whether the basic functions are solid, whether it can meet the daily needs of restaurant owners and service staff, and whether it is user-friendly and easy to learn.

Chowbus will continue to refine the POS product, strengthen the basics, and adapt to the diverse needs of different types and scales of restaurants.

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