Manage and Grow Your Business with Chowbus POS 

Get $500 when a restaurant you refer joins Chowbus POS

If you know any restaurants that aren’t using Chowbus POS, you can refer them and get a $500 referral bonus when they use Chowbus POS for 30 days.

  • Referrer can redeem the reward one month after the new restaurant successfully signs up and uses Chowbus POS.
  • If you refer multiple restaurants, you need to submit the form multiple times; referral rewards can accumulate.
  • If a new restaurant is recommended by multiple people, the referral reward will only be given to the person who submitted the form first.
  • If the referrer and the referee are under the same owner, it will not be considered a valid referral, and the $500 referral bonus will not be applicable.

If your referral is successful, we will contact you to pay out the $500 referral bonus.

Referral Information