How KAJIKEN Increased Tips by 3x with Chowbus POS & Tablet Ordering

KAJIKEN puts customer experience above all else. When they had the opportunity to improve line speed, tipping, and ordering experience with a modern restaurant point of sale, they jumped on it.

How KAJIKEN Increased Tips by 3x with Chowbus POS & Tablet Ordering

KAJIKEN, Baltimore Chowbus POS features: Chowbus POS, Tablet Ordering

By using Chowbus POS, KAJIKEN has reported - · Tips increased 3X · Average Check Size increased 16% · Labor costs decreased by 25%

KAJIKEN is a chain Mazesoba shop with over 40 stores worldwide originally from Ngoya, Japen. The popular chain opened its first U.S. location in Baltimore in August 2022. They choose Chowbus POS as their point of sales system, along with the Tablet Ordering to help them grow business.

Mazesoba represents soupless ramen, and “maze” in Japanese means “to mix”. Literally meaning “mix the noodles”, mazesoba is pretty self-explanatory. Cooked noodles (without the soup) are served in a bowl with a bunch of tantalizing ingredients and secret sauce. You are expected to mix it all up before you eat it, so we’d say it’s almost like a version of bak chor mee. Kajiken prides itself on being Japan’s number one mazesoba brand.

Ada, the manager of KAJIKEN told us, “We have been using the Chowbus POS system since August 18. The thing I liked about the Chowbus POS system is that the system itself is pretty efficient.”

KAJIKEN has benefited from the use of Chowbus POS and Tablet Ordering, a fully integrated ordering system designed and built for restaurants.

When a guest walks into the restaurant, as soon as they get seated, they can use the designated tablet at the table. Guests will also be prompted to enter their name so the server can know how to address their guests.

Guests can browse the appealing menu at their own pace. No need for the server to wait and type in orders anymore. The appealing product visual and description make it clear what the guests are ordering. This helps increase the average order size by making their eyes ogle with every second when they scroll through the menu.

Once guests made their decision, they can submit their order right from their tablet. The order is pushed directly to the Chowbus POS and the staff can send the order to kitchen printers as soon as they’re confirmed.

Front-of-house and kitchen staff know where the order is coming from and where it should go when it is ready due to the unique designated tablet that is being ordered from. Both the guests and servers are also able to add items to the tab, which makes it a simple process for everyone.

“One of our biggest issues was trying to have servers write everything down and remember everything. The Chowbus tablet ordering has smoothed out everything in the restaurant. ”Ada says. “The food comes out quicker, tickets get to the kitchen faster, and there are fewer errors.”

Chowbus Tablet Ordering has even improved the server experience. “Before, if a server got double seated, they would go take table one’s order, then go take table two’s order, and then go to the kitchen. Meanwhile, table one has waited longer than they needed. With Chowbus Tablet Ordering, orders get fired right to the kitchen.” Ada adds, “One of our staff, he forgot to send the order to the kitchen, we are able to use the POS system, the Re-sent and Re-print function to resend the ticket to the kitchen. ”

Ada told us, the other thing she liked about the Chowbus POS system is the Sales Report function. “I can keep track of the first day of the month until the last day of the month. The sales report gives me a general idea of how much the profits I have made for the entire month. I can also track individual tips for individual servers. At the end of the month, I can check who made the most tips, meaning that the server provides the greatest service to the customer the most.”

Not only have Chowbus POS and Tablet Ordering improved the customer and server experience, but they’ve also helped decrease their ticket time and increase table turns.

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