Jongro BBQ Improves Turn Times 25% with Chowbus POS Handheld

Jongro BBQ, an authentic experience to Korean BBQ, has been using Chowbus POS and POS Handheld for an improved customer and staff experience.

Jongro BBQ Improves Turn Times 25% with Chowbus POS Handheld

Jongro BBQ, New York Chowbus POS features: Chowbus POS, POS Handheld Switched from: Talech Why switched to Chowbus: Chowbus POS Handheld can capture digital signature and no manual tips input necessary after shift ends, to avoid all troubles and errors.

By using Chowbus POS, Jongro BBQ has reported - · Table Turnover Rate increased 20% · Average Check Size increased 16% · Labor Costs reduced 20%

Jongro BBQ is one of the many elite chain restaurants in South Korea. Jongro BBQ first opened its doors in America in 2015, in the heart of New York City, at Koreatown. Jongro BBQ is committed to freshness and tradition. And took the operations to the next level with Chowbus POS and POS Handheld.

Michael is the general manager of Jongro BBQ, he told us, “What makes Jongro BBQ so popular is that we really try to give a unique customer experience, and we put that above a lot of things,” says Michael. “We want people to have a good time, and we want them to enjoy the product, and that’s more important than anything else.” As a fast-paced full-service restaurant, it was important for Jongro BBQ that their technology be able to integrate fast payments, easy ordering, and simple tipping.

Jongro BBQ has benefited from the use of Chowbus Handheld, a fully integrated handheld POS system designed and built for restaurants. Before Chowbus POS Handheld, Jongro BBQ‘s staff had to be present at every table to change anything or to glance at reports. With Chowbus Handheld, the powerful and portable device that fits in their palm, built-in scanner and receipt, and large brilliant touch screen to capture digital signature, manager and staff are now able to take payments anytime, anywhere, also make any and all changes online - whether in the restaurant, at home, or on the go.

“We needed something we could tailor to our restaurant, versus having a POS system that we needed to build our sales around,” says Michael. If a manager has a question about daily sales or labor, he or she can look at it online without having to be in the restaurant. If a supervisor like Michael has a question about how a menu item is placed, he can make changes and move it himself.

Michael says, “Chowbus POS works very well and we don't have too much problem with it. The POS system overall I think is very friendly and easy to use.”

By using Chowbus POS Handheld, there is no chunky hardware anymore. And closing out orders has never been easier.

At the end of the meal, customers can tap the checkout and pay button to let the staff know that they are done and ready to pay. They can also choose to split the bill in the checkout options. Then staff will bring the POS Handheld to the guests so they can pay right there,simply sign and add tips for smoother and quicker checkout.

“Chowbus POS Handheld enhances overall operational experience by letting our staff focus less on redundant tasks such as walking back and forth from the POS to the table.” Michael says. “It frees our staff time to handle other value-added tasks, engage with guests, and build rapport, which creates a more fulfilling dining experience for both guests and staff.”

“The good thing about Chowbus POS is the team from Chowbus always on point. I actually like their support team when you text them with any issues, they will come to your store within 30 mins. I have a personal phone number to reach them. If I need something I don't have to call the 800 Number, that for me is very important because once you have a personal connection, it's not just about business. So I think that the Chowbus POS system works very well because the support team that comes around helps a lot.” Michael adds.

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