Machi Machi Keeps Their Fans Coming Back with Chowbus Loyalty

Machi Machi's story began with a rich passion to make hand-crafted drinks that are thoughtfully made with fresh ingredients, aesthetic presentation, and an elegant technique. Chowbus POS, Kiosk, and Loyalty Program help Machi Machi keep their guests coming back.

Machi Machi Keeps Their Fans Coming Back with Chowbus Loyalty

Machi Machi, New York Chowbus POS features: Chowbus POS, Kiosk, Loyalty Program

By using Chowbus POS, Machi Machi has reported - · Average Check Size increased 17% · Employee Productivity increased 20% · Customer Satisfaction increased 7%

Founded in 2018, Machi Machi is not only a well-recognized and quickly expanding global tea franchise based out of Taiwan, it also has impeccably high standards that are innovating the bubble tea industry and creating an unforgettable experience from the moment a guest takes their first step into one of our stores, to the moment they can take the first sip of their hand-crafted drink.

Since Machi Machi opened their first location in Midtown, New York, they decided to partner with Chowbus POS, leveraging the Kiosk and Loyalty Program to get the most from their returning customers.

Machi Machi’s manager Xiaolei Zhu told us, “All restaurants have had to tighten their budgets during COVID-19, and one effective way to save money while actually making money is to start a restaurant loyalty program.”

The Loyalty Program promotes the store by sending customized messages to its customers.

When new customers come to the store, they can directly order from the Kiosk, and the system will encourage them to sign up for the restaurant loyalty program through the unique QR code that is provided for customers. With this information, restaurants can send guests a promotion by SMS to get them back into your store again.

The loyalty program provides cash back accumulation which provides another set of incentive for customers to use next time that they come back.

Customers can purchase virtual prepaid value into their loyalty digital wallet or they can purchase a physical prepaid gift card. Loyal members will receive a SMS notification for the amount added and the current balance. with added incentive thus giving restaurants fast cash for their business.

If a customer has not visited your restaurant in a while, the Loyalty Program can send them a special promotion to increase their chances of coming back.

Best of all, everything is done right from customers’ phone, everything is sorted in the apple wallet. The Loyalty Program works with Kiosk, making it a one stop shop for all. Xiaolei Zhu adds, “Loyal guests are important for two reasons: lower cost of acquisition and higher total guest spend. I have been told that attracting new customers is 16 times more expensive than retaining current ones. Plus, if you can get your guests to sign up to a reward program, these loyal members spend up to 18% more than other customers. In other words, add a restaurant reward program into the mix, and your customer relationships can become even stronger and more profitable.”

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