NY Brooklyn's Xiang Hotpot Success with Chowbus: Simplifying Servers’ Work and Locking $10k Revenue per Month

March 26, 2024

Using Chowbus tablets for ordering and handheld iPads, Xiang Hotpot, booming in Brooklyn, New York, has comprehensively upgraded the dining experience for guests, improved server efficiency, and continuously attracted new customers while retaining repeat business through Chowbus membership features.

Dining at Xiang Hotpot is truly blissful!

No need to worry about waiting in line; pre-order and dine as soon as you arrive

With Xiang Hotpot's bustling business, there is often a need to wait for a table. With Chowbus ordering tablets, guests can place their orders and send them to the kitchen while waiting. Once seated, dishes are promptly served.


The pre-ordering feature of Chowbus tablets allows guests to skip the wait for food, enhancing the overall waiting and dining experience.

Clear and intuitive tablet ordering

Upon receiving the ordering tablet, guests can view the latest promotions, such as cashback on recharges, rewards for leaving reviews, and special offers for cash payments. Without the need for server explanations, guests are inclined to participate in tablet promotions voluntarily.


The high-definition images and descriptions on the tablet are especially popular among guests. The clear images make it easy for foreigners unfamiliar with hotpot dishes to understand the menu. Xiang Hotpot's restaurant sees an increasing number of foreigners willing to try and share their dining experiences on social media, further attracting more customers.


Recently, Xiang Hotpot also tried out Chowbus' latest buffet restrictions feature. Guests can see the differences between regular and deluxe buffets, as well as the prices for adult and children's buffets on the tablet. Additionally, a dining time limit of 120 minutes is set on the tablet, eliminating the need for manual monitoring of each table's dining time.

Triple benefits for members

Xiang Hotpot adopts a recharge-to-join membership approach. With recharge membership and recharge cashback, the restaurant achieves over $100,000 in monthly turnover.

Membership discounts, 10% off buffets

For the original price of $51.99, members receive an instant $5 discount, equivalent to a 10% discount on buffets, significantly boosting member registration enthusiasm.

Members enjoy dozens of snacks

One of the highlights of Xiang Hotpot in Brooklyn is its various snack stalls, offering treats like sugar-coated haws, shaved ice, and sugar paintings. After registering as members, guests can enjoy these snacks for free!


Cashback on recharges, more cashback with higher top-ups

Xiang Hotpot offers a range of recharge cashback promotions, such as $30 cashback for a $200 recharge, $70 cashback for a $300 recharge, and $120 cashback for a $500 recharge. The more guests top up, the more cashback they receive, increasing their willingness to recharge and encouraging active repeat purchases from already recharged members.


Servers at Xiang Hotpot are ecstatic

Simplified job responsibilities

With Chowbus ordering tablets and handheld iPads carried by servers, the workload of servers has been streamlined.


Guests can independently place orders using the ordering tablets, allowing servers to focus solely on serving dishes and providing better customer service.

During checkout, servers can directly use their handheld iPads to swipe cards and sign bills for guests. Unlike traditional checkout methods involving back-and-forth trips to print bills, swipe cards, and sign bills at the counter, this significantly saves checkout time.

More tips in their pockets

With simplified ordering and checkout processes, servers can focus on more valuable tasks, such as promptly refilling water and soup and serving dishes faster. As guests enjoy better service, servers receive increased tips.


Overall, Chowbus helps servers save more time, improve work efficiency, and earn more tips. Servers are happier, and restaurant owners can retain staff better.

Chowbus POS not only saves restaurant owners money and worries but also makes servers and guests happier.

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