Major Announcement!! Websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off in March!

February 26, 2024

Google Business has recently announced that websites created using Google Business Profile will expire in March 2024. During the period from March to June 2024, visitors to your website will automatically be redirected to your Google Business Profile. If businesses do not update their websites by June 10th, visitors will encounter errors when trying to access the site.


How to Determine if My Website Will Be Deactivated?

Google will remove domain names ending with business.site and negocio.site from the website field in your business profile in March.


If your restaurant's website ends with business.site and negocio.site, it will be deactivated.

How Can I Create a New Website?

Google recommends using website tools like Wix or WordPress to rebuild your website.

But why pay for your website separately with a higher fee and complex website building efforts when Chowbus can build/create one for you!!!

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Why Choose Chowbus for Your Ordering Website

Completely Free Website Design

Chowbus covers the website domain costs and provides free design for your restaurant's dedicated webpage, showcasing your restaurant environment, dishes, and establishing your brand image.


Full-Service Offering

Chowbus not only offers free design services but also provides online ordering and reservation capabilities, helping restaurants increase customer conversions. All online ordering, reservations, and seating functions are seamlessly integrated with Chowbus POS, requiring no additional effort from you.


Complete Website Services

After designing your website, Chowbus's marketing team will help you update it on Google Business Profile, making it easy for users to find your restaurant through Google Maps or search engines. Additionally, monthly holiday marketing services are provided to increase your restaurant's online exposure.



No Additional Commission for Online Orders

Customers placing orders on your restaurant's website through Chowbus do not incur any additional commission for the restaurant. Successfully managing the ordering website can save you the high fees charged by delivery platforms.


A restaurant website not only helps build your brand but also serves as a channel to increase online orders and revenue, truly achieving cost reduction and revenue enhancement!

Don't panic if your website is expiring; come to Chowbus and claim your exclusive website now!

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