Top 8 Most Authentic Zongzi in Chicago

June 11, 2021
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June 14, 2021, marks the start of the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional holiday to celebrate the life and death of Qu Yuan. To celebrate, people eat zongzi, race dragon boats, and drink 雄黃酒, Xiónghuáng Jiǔ (realgar wine).  

Zongzi is a traditional rice dumpling made with glutinous rice, filled with savory or sweet ingredients, and wrapped in bamboo leaves. After it’s cooked in water, the ingredients stick together and radiate a fragrant aroma you can’t resist. Common savory fillings include salted egg yolk, Chinese sausage, and marinated pork, while sweet fillings include red bean paste and candied dates. Whether you’re team savory or team sweet, they are a must-have staple to celebrate any holiday, especially the Dragon Boat Festival.

If you don't want to go through the process of making them yourself, we've put together a list of Chicago restaurants cranking out authentic zongzi. We’ll also deliver it to your doorsteps so you can spend more time with family and less time on the road.

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Here are our top picks:

  • Chiu Quon Bakery: we love how flavorful their zongzi is, especially ones filled with pork belly and salted egg yolk. We recommend the Sticky Rice Dumpling with Sausage, Pork, Egg, and Green Bean.

  • Moon Palace Restaurant: If you love savory zongzi with meat, this is the place for you. Try their Pork Belly Zongzi

  • Sunlight Cafe: their zongzi is more on the sticky side, but still delicious regardless. Their Sticky Rice Dumplings come in a pack of 2. 

  • Lotus Chinese Restaurant: This zongzi has dried vegetables, shrimp, and other popular Hakka ingredients. They only take pre-orders 2 days in advance, so order yours today!

  • Potsticker House: If you love sweet zongzi, you’d love the ones at Potsticker House. Spend $10 or more and receive a free sweet zongzi. 

  • Tang’s Garden Restaurant: This Cantonese restaurant serves classic sweet and savory zongzi. Check them out here

  • Yummy House: Although these are on the smaller side, they’re packed with flavor and beautifully made. Order yours here

  • Park to Shop: If you need to make a grocery run, don’t forget to pick up some sweet glutinous rice dumplings as well. 

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If you order zongzi for the holiday, don’t forget to share a photo and tag us on Instagram @chowbus_official. We’d love to see how you and your family celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival!