Are paper menus outdated in the United States? See what new ordering methods restaurants are using.

April 10, 2024

In 2024, many restaurants in the US are actively embracing the latest dining technology, comprehensively upgrading profitability and customer experience! Among them, the most popular is the smart ordering system.


It's said that bosses who have used tablet/QR code ordering can't go back to the traditional paper menu ordering method!

Those who use smart ordering systems are the first to achieve:

Lower costs

Using tablet ordering or QR code ordering not only saves on waiter labor for taking orders but also saves on the printing costs of paper menus. Any changes to the menu can be edited in the backend, without the need to reprint menus.

Faster speed

Guests can order as soon as they sit down, and orders go directly to the kitchen without waiting for a waiter to take the order at the table. Additionally, during the meal, guests can add dishes at any time via the tablet or QR code, without needing to call a waiter.

Better experience

Tablet ordering and QR code ordering benefit from clear, large pictures and detailed descriptions in the electronic menu. Guests no longer have to order blindly, nor do they need to ask multiple times for information about dishes. They can see and order directly from pictures, what you see is what you get.

The smart ordering method has upgraded the entire ordering process:

Using tablet/QR code ordering, the entire ordering process has been greatly simplified, allowing waiters to better serve customers.


The restaurant ultimately achieves cost reduction and efficiency improvement: fewer waiters, better service.

What's the difference between tablet ordering and QR code ordering?

Tablet ordering and QR code ordering each have their advantages.

Tablet Ordering

Multiple menu switching

Tablet ordering can set up multiple menus, allowing you to switch menus according to the dining time slot or different price meals.


For example, you can set up a weekday lunch special menu/regular menu/holiday special menu; standard buffet/luxury buffet, etc.

Buffet ordering restrictions

Chowbus's newly launched buffet ordering restriction feature, which can limit dining time, the number of dishes, submission times, and control submission frequency on the ordering tablet, can effectively reduce waste and control costs.

Call waiter

Guests can directly call a waiter on the tablet, and can specify whether they want to pay, add water, or other. After receiving the alert on the POS App, the waiter immediately serves the guests.

Electronic menu

Chowbus's ordering tablet does not need to be bound to a table number, which can be entered when seating. After ordering, it can continue to be used for ordering at other tables, reducing the number of ordering tablets needed in the restaurant.


QR Code Ordering

Multiple people ordering at the same time

When multiple people scan the QR code on the table to order at the same time, it can synchronize the dishes in real time, avoiding duplicate orders.


Perfect for takeout orders

Restaurants can post a QR code at the entrance or counter for takeout orders. Guests browse the menu, order and pay, and then the order goes straight to the kitchen.


Additionally, Chowbus's tablet and QR code ordering integrate a full set of membership, promotion systems. Guests can enjoy member prices, redeem member points, participate in promotional activities, etc.

How to choose between Tablet ordering and QR code ordering?

  • Tablet ordering is the first choice for hot pot, barbecue, and buffet restaurants!


Hot pot, barbecue, and buffet restaurants, with their large quantity & complexity of dishes, benefit from the clear images and descriptions of tablet ordering. Guests ordering themselves and placing orders save waiters time in recording dishes at the table and manually entering them into the restaurant's computer.

Famous hot pot and barbecue restaurants like Da Long Yi, Shoo Loong Kan, Liu Yi Shou, Er Hot Pot, Xiang Hotpot, Wei Shu Wu Hotpot, Friendship BBQ, Y Space BBQ, etc., are all using Chowbus's ordering tablets.

  • QR code ordering is welcomed by dine-in stir-fry restaurants and simple meal restaurants.


QR code ordering requires no equipment investment; simply placing a QR code on the table allows guests to self-order.

New York's Dunhuang, DD Soup Dumplings are using QR code ordering to simplify the ordering process and reduce labor for taking orders. Lao Sze Chuan, Kanji Ramen are using QR code ordering to save on labor for takeout orders.

Tablet/QR code ordering and other smart ordering solutions can effectively help restaurants reduce labor costs, improve ordering efficiency, and provide guests with an unprecedented ordering experience.

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