US Restaurant Owners: Opening a restaurant and want to save money? Check out this essential ordering method!

April 17, 2024
Kiosk ordering - Bubble Tea - Boba

In 2024, how popular are kiosks in the US? Kiosks have spread from bubble tea shops, where they were once ubiquitous, to major food courts and dine-in restaurants. However, the market is flooded with various kiosks. Which one is the most suitable for me?

Chowbus's kiosk stands out among numerous options and leads the pack, loved by thousands of restaurant owners across the United States.

Why choose Chowbus's kiosk?

High aesthetic value paired with high performance

In the age of "appearance is justice," only a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing kiosk can match the large investment you've made in decor. We not only excel in appearance but also in performance. Our kiosk's screen is smooth to touch and responsive. Moreover, the system is stable, with a 100% success rate in placing orders.


Clear menu structure

Our menu structure is clear, with a three-level menu structure of menu category-menu item-customization options, providing flexibility in menu design and ease of use for customers. Taking a bubble tea shop as an example, customers can easily select "cheese form series - cheese oolong - with bobas, less sugar, less ice," making the entire ordering process very clear.


Strong integration with advanced features such as membership and promotions

Chowbus's kiosk integrates a full set of membership and promotion functions, providing restaurants with more ways to play and increase revenue. Strong membership reminders from Chowbus's kiosk help restaurants quickly accumulate members for subsequent retention actions, such as sending new product/activity marketing SMS to members or providing member points for menu items, enhancing members' enthusiasm for repurchasing.


Transparent costs

Compared to some kiosk providers on the market, we will not secretly charge customers or withhold customer tips. We guarantee transparency in the cost of kiosks.

What type of restaurants can be benefited from Chowbus kiosk?

Both dine-in and fast food restaurants can use kiosks effectively. After using Chowbus's kiosk, bubble tea shops, food courts, and takeaway shops no longer need to arrange manual ordering, and staff can focus solely on preparing dishes.


Lately, more and more dine-in restaurants have been using kiosks to handle takeaway orders. Busy dine-in restaurants often do not have time to attend to takeaway customers' ordering needs. Placing a kiosk at the entrance allows takeaway customers to order by themselves, with orders going directly to the kitchen, and staff only need to pass the dishes to the ordering customers.

Unlock more ways to play with kiosks

Customized covers: Promote the latest events and new products

Our kiosk cover images can be customized, serving as a natural in-store advertising channel. You can design posters with holiday styles to promote holiday new products or promote buy one get one free and other promotional activities.


Rich membership features to capture repeat customers

Free membership + first-order discount increases membership attractiveness and effectively locks in members. Membership points feature attracts repeat purchases. On the kiosk ordering interface, there is a separate points category, naturally promoting points and attracting customers to register as members and make repeat purchases.


Flexible promotional activities attract customers

Chowbus's kiosk can meet the promotional needs of restaurants, such as buy one get one free, dish discounts, full reductions, and gifts with purchase. "Buy one get one free for the grand opening of a new store" "Half price for weekday afternoons for a limited time" "Buy a bubble tea and get a new donut" The entire promotional activity guidance process is clear, with a nearly 100% participation rate when customers use the kiosk to place orders, greatly helping restaurants increase customer traffic without the need for additional manual ordering.

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