How Chowbus POS and Third-party Integration Solution Help Xiang's Hunan Kitchen Maximize Their Profits

May 1, 2023
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Zhichao founded Xiang’s Hunan kitchen in 2019 and brought on Chowbus QR code Ordering during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Then, he took the operations to the next level with Chowbus POS with third-party delivery integration and Chowbus Loyalty program.

Zhichao was born and raised in Hunan, China. He came to the United States to seek better opportunities. With the mission of promoting the taste of his hometown and bringing people together, Zhichao opened Xiang’s Hunan kitchen in 2019 and it quickly became a hot spot in Boston. 

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Soon, like everyone else, Xiang’s Hunan kitchen found themselves amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Gladly, the restaurant business was still growing with the help of Chowbus delivery platform when business were pivoted from mostly dine-in to 100% take-out or delivery. Zhichao made a good connection with the local reps and got on board quickly when they introduced Chowbus POS, QR code ordering, and Third-party Integration Solution to him in July 2021. 

Heading into winter during a global pandemic, many restaurateurs have to make hard business decisions: extend outdoor dining as long as possible or invest more on third-party delivery platforms? Since COVID-19 hit, Xiang's Hunan Kitchen has shut their doors to indoor dining, and are relying on third-party deliveries. 

On choosing to implement Chowbus POS and the Third-party Integration Solution, Zhichao says, “It was a no brainer.” Now, Zhichao and his team are able to automatically accept orders from all of the third-party delivery platforms and to manage all menus, hours, prices, and sales in the same place at the same time.  

Zhichao adds, “Chowbus POS automates the flow of third-party orders to the POS systems. No more manual re-entry, tablet madness, or unnecessary delays. I can finally minimize room for error and freeing our staff to focus more on in-person with our guests.”

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“ People are still hesitating to come to restaurants because of Covid-19. But QR code ordering certainly made it easier because it’s contactless. It is safer for our waiters and waitresses as well. Moreover, guests can add dishes at the same time from their own phones and it helps increase average transaction value.” Zhichao said.  

Not only because it’s safe, but also because it’s efficient. With QR code ordering, a waitress who waited 3 tables before can now wait 10 tables and maintain the quality interaction with customers at the same time. 

QR code ordering brought efficiency to his restaurant, but Zhichao was not actively looking for a whole new POS system because he was using Menusifu at the time and the experience was OK. 

He hesitated when a Chowbus rep approached him to discuss the POS system. However, after learning the system and comparing all the fees including the equipment and transaction fees, he realized he could potentially save $15,000 per year only on the transaction fees. 

Plus, he acknowledged this cloud-based system that allows him to make changes to the menu at anywhere anytime and store all transaction history. The product looks minimalist and easy to use. 

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Switching the POS system can be hectic. But not for Chowbus. “I didn’t expect they would come here to set up the whole system for me.” Zhichao said, “ For Menusifu, they sent a package of equipment and gave me instructions over the phone. It wasn’t fun but I thought that was standard. With Chowbus, a local rep physically came to my store, set up the whole system including the POS and four printers, and stayed for a couple of days to make sure all my employees were well trained. You can’t find that kind of service anywhere else.” 

“I never regret a day that I chose to get Chowbus One. They listen to and care about our needs and they act fast.” Zhichao said.