30-Second Overview of Chowbus Full Suite of Products - Full Service Restaurants

March 5, 2024
All-in one Hardware

Chowbus has launched its POS product in the past two years, serving over 2000 restaurants and nearly 50 dining brands. On average, we've helped restaurants SAVE nearly $8000 in COSTS and INCREASE REVENUE by 25%.


Chowbus is redefining POS; it's not just a cash register system with two printers but the brain of your restaurant. We offer an all-in-one solution covering smart ordering, comprehensive management, third-party delivery integration, member retention, promotional activities, queue reservations, and online ordering throughout the entire process.


Cloud-based POS Solution Helps Enhance Efficiency

Our cloud-based POS solution enhances efficiency, allowing you to manage tables, orders, and staff anytime, anywhere. The user-friendly interface ensures smooth operations and provides clear insights into your restaurant's performance without the need to be physically present.

Smart Ordering Solutions Save On Labor Costs

Tablet Ordering

Tablet ordering reduces costs while increasing revenue. Customers can independently place orders using high-definition images and descriptions, improving order efficiency. The restaurant can save on manual order taking, allowing servers to attend to more tables.


Customers can add items at any time without manual information transmission, ensuring faster service and higher table turnover.

QR Code Ordering

QR code ordering requires no additional equipment. Customers can scan the QR code on the table to view food images and place orders. Multiple users can scan, and the shopping cart status synchronizes.


Advanced features help further reduce costs and increase revenue

Third-party Delivery Integration

Third-party delivery integration eliminates the need for additional effort on external delivery orders. Orders from nearly 50 delivery platforms, including Ubereats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and more, are seamlessly integrated into the POS system, reducing errors and saving time.



Membership programs are a revenue booster. With various benefits such as member pricing, first-order discounts, multiple enrollment methods, loyalty points, recharge cashback, and more, you can attract and retain customers effectively.


Promotions are a handy tool for time-limited boosts. Conduct promotional activities during special periods like opening events or holidays to significantly increase foot traffic and revenue.


Waitlist & Reservation

Waitlist & Reservation drastically improve efficiency and experience. Manage waitlists and reservations in an organized manner without additional manual arrangements. Customers can join the queue or make reservations through Google, potentially increasing restaurant foot traffic. Automated SMS reminders keep customers informed.


Online Ordering

Online ordering widens revenue channels. Chowbus offers website design services, adding another channel for customer orders.


Customers placing orders on the website don't incur additional commissions for the restaurant.


Why do 2000+restaurants choose Chowbus POS?

Chowbus POS provides thoughtful and timely service. Over 2000 restaurants choose Chowbus POS because we offer not only cutting-edge restaurant technology but also the most considerate service. Restaurants can ask questions in the WeChat group at any time, and our technical support team is available 24/7 to quickly resolve any issues.



The restaurant industry requires real-time solutions, and Chowbus's excellent customer service ensures stable operations. We continuously upgrade our products and services to provide restaurants with the latest restaurant technology and the most considerate service, adapting to the evolving demands of different types of restaurants.

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