7 Dishes to Order for Your Stay-at-Home Spring Festival in LA

January 20, 2021
Peking Duck

With safety this year’s priority for the Lunar New Year holiday, we want to bring a celebratory, taste of home to you. No matter what you want to celebrate with - from Peking Duck to Japanese BBQ - there’s something for everyone (and every New Year meal) on Chowbus. We’ve rounded up our top 7 Spring Festival dish recommendations in Los Angeles. 

Peking Duck from Beijing Restaurant 同顺居

Peking Duck is one of the most popular dishes for Lunar New Year because it symbolizes a happy, healthy, and prosperous year - not to mention, it’s incredibly delicious too. It’s slowly roasted until the skin turns red and crispy. It’s traditionally served with thin pastry or steamed bao, hoisin sauce, cucumbers, and scallions that you fold up into a mini “sandwich”. The best part? Peking Duck is enjoyed at most celebratory meals, so you have reasons to order it from Beijing Restaurant beyond just the upcoming Chinese New Year. 

Ginger rabbit of Zigong from Sichuan Impression 锦城里

Rabbit Zigong

We think Sichuan Impression makes pretty incredible dishes, but if you don’t trust our word, turn to the critics. In 2020, Sichuan Impression was listed on LA Times’ “101 Best Restaurants” list for the fourth year in a row. One of their most popular dishes is the Ginger Rabbit of Zigong, a spicy rabbit dish with ginger, peppercorns, and cilantro. They use fresh rabbit and the highest quality Szechuan peppercorns for this iconic dish. If it was approved by the late Jonathan Gold, a Pulitzer prize winning, LA Times restaurant critic, it’s definitely worth putting on your table this New Year.

Poon Choi from Ho Kee Cafe (Arcadia) 豪记私房菜

Poon choi 盆菜 originated in Hong Kong and is a common Chinese New Year dish among Cantonese people. It has at least 9 ingredients and consists of 3 layers which include varying vegetables, meats, and seafood. Each layer is strategically placed to ensure maximum flavor and beautiful presentation.The overflowing amount of ingredients signify an abundance of wealth and prosperity for the New Year. Perfect for a larger crowd, Ho Kee Cafe’s Poon Choi has everything you need in the convenience of one pot. 

Combo A from Bistro Na's (Temple City) 那家小馆

Dine like an emperor with a feast from Bistro Na’s in Temple City. The restaurant is known for its upscale Chinese food, specializing in China’s Imperial Court cuisine, a regional cuisine that’s hard to find in the US. Lunar New Year is your time to dine like royalty so check out the Combo A, which serves two people, but there’s also an option for 4 servings if you have a larger family. Combo A includes: Na's Spicy Chicken, Cucumber and Radish Salad, Na's Prime Angus Rib, and more accompaniments. 

Imperial Osmanthus Cake from J.Zhao (Irvine) 凯悦轩


Save room for dessert because you don’t want to skip out on this Imperial Osmanthus Cake from J.Zhao (Irvine) 凯悦轩. Osmanthus cake is a traditional Chinese pastry made with glutinous rice flour, honey, osmanthus, and rock sugar. Recognizable for its translucent and waxy appearance, it’s subtlety sweet and has a hint of floral from the osmanthus. Once served to the imperial family, it has now transformed into a common celebratory snack and popular street food in Taiwan.  

Medium Value Combo from Yakiniku Manor (Arcadia)  肉庄园 

Looking to celebrate with Japanese BBQ? Why not! Check out Yakiniku Manor, a popular Japanese restaurant known for their high-quality and traditional dishes. Bring the spirit of their fun, interactive restaurant experience to your home. For the full BBQ experience, we recommend trying out the Medium Value Combo. This combo serves 2-3 people and includings everything you need for a full belly, including prime marbled beef, corn cheese, and spicy pork belly. Don’t worry, there’s more: it also includes several more beef cuts, vegetables, and a variety of dipping sauces. BYO grill pan and enjoy a fabulous feast! 

House Special Fish Belly with Crab Meat from Shanghai Restaurant (San Gabriel) 聚福楼

An acclaimed San Gabriel spot, Shanghai Restaurant puts a modern twist on traditional Shanghai dishes while using high-quality ingredients. Check out one of their house specialties: fish belly with crab meat. Not only is this dish bursting with flavor but it’s said to bring a surplus of prosperity for the New Year. Did you know different types of fish have different meanings as well? For example, eating catfish will bring you a rich life. Check this dish out on Chowbus to start unlocking good fortune for the New Year!