6 Authentic Chicago Hot Pot Restaurants You Need to Try

6 Authentic Chicago Hot Pot Restaurants You Need to Try

December 21, 2020
Picture of Hot Pot from Mrs. Gu Skewer Hot Pot

Top 6 Chicago Hot Pot Restaurants

With the frigid Chicago weather here to stay, it’s officially that time of year: hot pot season. There’s no shortage of great hot pot restaurants in town, and now, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to taste the best of it -  Chowbus delivery to the rescue. 

The best thing about hot pot? It suits everyone’s tastes. Whether you prefer lots of spice, are in the mood to carbo-load, or want to do it vegetarian-style, hot pot can be enjoyed in so many ways no matter your flavor profile. Here’s a list of the Chowbus team’s six best hot pot restaurants in Chicago:

Taipei Cafe 

Taipei Cafe will blow you away. But don’t just take our word for it. Taipei Cafe is the number one hot pot restaurant on Chowbus by order volume. Enough said. 

The restaurant offers four exclusive Taiwanese-style hot pots -  two spicy and two mild. They’re loaded with everything from shrimp, scallops, crab meat, and mussels to fish cakes, enoki mushrooms, and narutomaki. For more adventurous eaters, Taipei Cafe has a ‘Taipei Adventurous Hot Pot’. If you want to take on pork intestines and quail eggs, this one's for you.

Picture from Taipei Cafe

Lao Jiu Men Hot Pot

If you’re looking for an authentic hot pot experience that doesn’t require traveling to Chongqing, Lao Jiu Men will be your go-to every time. The restaurant itself is beautifully outfitted with traditional and modern Chinese accents and that warm ambiance can be felt in its food when its delivered to your doorstep. . You can choose from seven tasty broths for your base and then sift through a lengthy list of just about every type of ingredient you can imagine to fill your pot. They also serve a diverse selection of appetizers to pregame your meal. 

Picture of Two Flavor Broth from Lao Jiu Men Hot Pot

Qiao Lin HotPot 

Located just steps from the Chicago River, Qiao Lin Hot Pot knows what they’re doing when it comes to crafting an authentic hot pot. The staff grew up eating hot pot in Chongqing and are replicating their most familiar flavors at Qiao Lin. To them, the experience is what matters most so they pull out all the stops when it comes to delivery to ensure your experience is worthwhile. Choose from four different styles of broth and an amazing selection of delicious ingredients to enjoy.

Picture of Hot Pot From Qiao Lin HotPot

Chef Xiong 

Fun fact: Chef Xiong, of his namesake restaurant, was interviewed by Anthony Bourdain while he was filming Parts Unknown Season 5. Named the best Szechuan food in Chicago by Bourdain himself, Chef Xiong is a must-try. The decor of the restaurant replicates Szechuan culture and geography, and so does the food. Delicious hot pots and street foods range from very spicy to mild. You won’t regret this choice.

Picture of Hot Pot from Chef Xiong

Mrs. Gu Skewer Hot Pot 

Located in Chinatown, Mrs. Gu Skewer Hot Pot is the best spot to perfect your hot pot cooking skills. Established in 1987, they’re known for their skewers and interactive dining experiences with  endless options of soup broth, sauces, and dishes. Pick from 5 soup bases, including spicy, mild, mushroom, and tomato broth. Customers love how fresh and high-quality their meat and vegetables are, so load up on all your favorites and enjoy a dynamic at home dining experience.

Picture of Hot Pot from Mrs. Gu Skewer Hot Pot

Happy Lamb HotPot Chicago 

If you’re a Chicago native, there’s a high chance you already know that Happy Lamb is a must-try hot pot spot. With hundreds of 5-star reviews online, customers keep coming back and it’s due to their flavorful broth and quality ingredients.  We recommend getting the original and spicy Szechuan combo for the best of both worlds and treat your stomach to a selection of meats, vegetables, fishes, noodles, and appetizers.   

Picture of Tofu Combo Platter from Happy Lamb Hotpot

Ready to get cookin’? 

With so many different varieties and styles, a hot pot delivery is sure to please everyone at your table. Whether you’re dining solo or with your family, hot pot is the ultimate heart and soul-warming food to satisfy everyone. Get cozy with delivery from one of these restaurants on Chowbus today.