10 Places to Get Authentic Chinese Food in Chicago

May 19, 2021
picture of chinese food in Chicago

Did you know that our CEO, Linxin Wen, started Chowbus because he couldn’t find authentic Chinese food on delivery apps? When he was a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology, he struggled to find his favorite restaurants on delivery apps, plus delivery fees were also too high. Flash forward to the creation of Chowbus. Given our history, it’s no secret that we love and are experts in Chinese food. Chinese cuisine is influenced by China’s 23 provinces and 5 regions, all with a distinguishable style of cooking and flavor palette. 

We’ve saved you the trouble of finding homemade and authentic Chinese food in Chicago with our hand-selected list of restaurant recommendations. These restaurants are serving up your classic Chinese breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. From spicy Sichuan dishes to refreshing Taiwanese bubble tea, there’s something here for everyone. Check out our top 10 recommendations for authentic Chinese food in Chicago. 

Hello Jasmine 

Say hello to Hello Jasmine, home to high-quality boba and classic Taiwanese dishes. You probably recognize Hello Jasmine from our recent post: type: entry-hyperlink id: orbn8HrQk9NmvF3LlG7sdBesides their authentic and homemade bubble tea, they also pride themselves on fresh Taiwanese Bentos and snacks. One of their best-sellers is their Grilled Chicken Steak, coated in a secret sauce packed with flavor. Other must-try dishes include Taiwanese Cold Noodles, Scallion Pancake with Egg, and Braised Pork over Rice. Refreshing bubble tea and hearty Chinese dishes are in your future!

picture of hello jasmine

Taipei Cafe

Continuing on the Taiwanese food train, another fan favorite is Taipei Cafe. Diners love their generously sized portions and variety of type: entry-hyperlink id: orbn8HrQk9NmvF3LlG7sd, all at an affordable price. If you are an avid Chinese food lover, their menu is sure to meet all of your expectations. The menu includes Taiwanese hot pot, rice boxes, noodles, stir-frys, bubble tea, and desserts. We recommend the Braised Pork over Rice, Crispy Pork Chop, and Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. Don’t forget to wash down your savory meal with a refreshing bubble tea! 

picture of Taipei cafe

Chef Xiong 

If you’re looking for a top-notch Szechuan restaurant in Chicago, Chef Xiong is the place for you. They pride themselves on serving traditional Szechuan spicy and non-spicy dishes, ranging from hot pot to street food. They’ve created quite the reputation for themselves, even catching the eye of Anthony Bourdain, who interviewed Chef Xiong on an episode of Parts Unknown by CNN. Their menu includes cold appetizers, soups, snack food, entrees, desserts, and drinks. To our meat lovers, choose from entrees that include chicken, duck, beef, lamb, and pork. Other delicious protein alternatives include seafood and tofu. To experience the full flavors of Sichuan, check out the “Chef’s Special” section on Chowbus. If you're a big fan of spice, dishes like Ox Tripe in Chili Pepper Soup and Spicy Szechuan skewers, are perfect for you.  

picture of beef in pickled vegetable soup from chef xiong

Szechwan JMC Chinese Kitchen

Do you spell it “Sichuan” or “Szechuan” or “Szechwan”? No matter which option you choose, we can all agree that Szechwan JMC Chinese Kitchen is a must-try Chinese restaurant. Their menu includes cold and hot dishes including appetizers, soup, meats, seafood, vegetables, and much more. They have dishes to satisfy a range of tastes and dietary preferences! Not sure what to order? Check out the “Chef Specials” section on Chowbus for recommendations. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their House Special Spicy Frog, Duck Blood in Spicy Sauce, or Salt Pepper Baby Cod. They may sound intimidating, but we promise that it's delicious. For those looking for more recognizable dishes, try their Braised Duck in Soy Sauce, Stir-Fry Fatty Beef, or Ma La Hot Pot. 

picture of cooking at Szechwan JMC- Chinese Kitchen

Min’s Noodle House 

Min’s Noodle House serves delicious Chinese comfort foods, specializing in noodles. Their menu includes baos, stir-fry dishes, soups, noodles, and so much more. Customers rave about their juicy and flavorful baos, filled with either beef or pork. Their menu is also packed with a variety of stir-fry entrees, noodle soup, rice dishes, and refreshing drinks. To provide you the best meal possible, Min's Noodle House allows you to adjust spice levels on dishes and substitute ingredients to fit your dietary needs.

picture of min's noodle house


Started in 2018, ELITEA has solidified as a fan-favorite spot for bubble tea. Their extensive menu includes hot or iced tea, milk tea, smoothies, fruit teas, and much more. From standard bubble teacups to cute rectangular-shaped bottles, and even gallon-sized bubble tea- there’s something for everyone. With warmer weather approaching, there’s nothing better than cooling down with a refreshing bubble tea. 

picture of ELITEA

Potsticker House 

Potsticker House is a popular Chinese restaurant that specializes in Northern Chinese and Mandarin cuisine. With a name like “Potsticker House”, of course, we’re going to recommend you try their potstickers. Choose from classic Chinese fillings, including celery, Chinese cabbage and pork, and shrimp. If you love their dumplings and want them at your convenience, you can buy their 30 piece frozen dumplings. Ranging from $12-$15 on Chowbus, you can have the restaurant taste from the comfort of your own home. Besides their infamous potstickers, the rest of their menu is worth checking out. Diners rave about how authentic their dishes are, some are even reminded of home or dishes they had in China. 

picture of potsticker house

Da Mao Jia - Royal Highness Zhu 

Da Mao Jia- Royal Highness Zhu specializes in traditional Sichuan street food, similar to the ones they serve in Chengdu. Nearly everything here will light up your taste buds with numbing chili flavor, so be warned if you can’t handle the spice. Check out their extensive menu that includes BBQ, hot pot, soup, noodles, and much more. Indulge yourself with their Chengdu Protein & Veggie Mix, Beef Noodle Soup, and Dumplings. Besides the classic dishes, they have a few unique items you might not see at other Chinese restaurants. Ever try Chengdu Style Pork Ear? Or Pig Feet Soup? If you’re feeding more than 1, they also have graduation meal combos on Chowbus to feed up to 6 people.

picture of da mao jia


With 3 different locations scattered around Chicago, there’s no doubt we had to include Minghin on our list of favorite Chinese restaurants. Come for the dim sum, stay for the lunch/dinner entrees. In 2019 and 2018, they were on the Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand list, a prestigious list that honors restaurants that serve quality food for excellent value. If that doesn’t scream “must-try restaurant”, we don’t know what does. One Chinese comfort dish we all know and love is dim sum, a Minghin specialty. There’s nothing that warms you up quicker than steaming buns and a bowl of congee, a rice porridge eaten in many Asian countries. From dumplings to buns, rice crepes to chicken feet- you’re bound to leave this meal feeling full and happy. Minghin also has a massive list of entrees for lunch and dinner, including noodles, fried rice, and BBQ. 

picture of buns from minghin

Bonus: Park to Shop 

Did you know Chowbus delivers groceries too? We know this is an article about restaurants, but we had to mention a bonus Chinese business to check out: Park to Shop. Park to Shop is an Asian grocery store in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs, offering Asian meats, produce, and other grocery essentials. If you have trouble finding your Asian grocery staples at other grocery stores, we recommend checking out Park to Shop. They also have a food court in the Naperville location! 

picture from park to shop

Which Chinese restaurant is your favorite? 

There are so many different components of Chinese food to choose from, ranging from Sichuan to Taiwanese, Cantonese to Northern Chinese. We may be biased, but since our roots are in Chinese cuisine, we think we picked pretty good options. Chicago has absolutely no shortage of authentic Chinese cuisine. Next time you are in the mood for Chinese food, check out the Chowbus app for deals on delivery, pick-up orders, and even dine-in! If you order anything, make sure you snap a photo and tag us on Instagram at @chowbus_official.